Xmas Blitz in HWEuchre Rankmonster starting tonite midnite

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Xmas Blitz in HWEuchre Rankmonster starting tonite midnite

Post by Santas_Sugahbabe » Thu Dec 25, 2003 7:26 am

Hello Players

Merry Christmas To All Of You!!

We are holding our blitz tny for 24 hrs starting tonite @ midnite EST time. I have organized this myself so Im quite nervous lol. I hope some of you can and will join us. We are going to try to break our record of matches which is over 100 I think. I still have to clarify that later how many it is exactly. We already have posted some tnys and the rest will be completed at a later time today. For sure, there will be tnys for 24 hrs. Even if I would have to host them all lol. And to make this more challenging and fun, I will be hosting the Final Blitz Tny which is by invitation only. When and what time that would be I have to check with the players so at least it would be fair to everyone, since we ARE scattered all over the world.

I will be giving away prizes in the Final Blitz:
1st place = an unlock keycode for full version of Euchre
2nd place = a warrior membership of Rankmonster for a year

Invited to Finals will be:
- those who won at least 2 blitz tnys or
- those who joined at least 5 tnys

I hope I have said all I need to say lol. Otherwise, if anyone has questions or comments u can reach me via YM under lyzzandra74 or email: lyzzandra74@yahoo.com

p.s. To reach our Rankmonster page just click on the Rankmonster image below.

have fun gaming everyone and I hope to see some of u there :)

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