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Post by larryboy1956 » Fri Oct 26, 2018 5:34 pm

OKAYYYYYYY so the october 2018 showdown is done with...

If you don't know, you need to win a tourney during the month to be ale to participate in it (ticket).
Since it's a showdown, just like the cowboys did, it is played 1 vs 1 with bots on each side, so no one could complain that another player made them lose. It's a very addicting game with plenty of competition so onle the very best of the best, for that month, prevails.

We had a fine turnout of 17 participants...
Everyone played 2 rounds (2 chances), then the 4 best scores among winners went to the semi final : fanofgin1 (2wins) ....TheThumper (2wins)....manon1961 (2wins) ....minifee3 (88)

The winners of the semi-final then met in the FINAL : Thethumper vs minifee3

Thethumper won the whole thing, proving to be the very best of the best for this period.....BRAVOOOOOOOOO the thumper

Thank you to all participants and hope to see you in the next showdown ;-)

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