Game Won't Run/I Get Errors

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Game Won't Run/I Get Errors

Post by Unicron » Wed Jun 30, 2004 11:32 am

Games can cause errors, crash, or just not run for a variety of different reasons. The first thing you should try is removing your game and then rebooting your computer. After the reboot, confirm that the game is removed and optionally also delete any additional game related folders on your hard drive. Then do a fresh installation of the game from whichever of these links is appropriate to you;

Windows and Mac OSX Downloads

Hardwood Spades version 1

Hardwood Hearts version 1

Hardwood Euchre version 1

Hardwood Backgammon version 1

Hardwood Solitaire III

Ruckus Buck's Dangerous Mines

If after doing a fresh install, the problem persists, you should verify that you do not have any virus's or other malicious type programs running on your computer. Having anti-virus software does not mean you absolutely do not have a virus. If you don't keep your pattern file up to date, or do not do regular system scans, it is possible to still become infected. Go ahead and and update your pattern file and do a full system scan do be sure. If it finds nothing, at the very least its useful information to know and is a good habit to do for your computer.

If the problem still persists, the next thing we should do is make sure your driver and system updates are current;

For Windows Users: Go to and get all drivers and critical updates that are available for your computer. After installing these updates, you will likely be asked to reboot your computer. Before we try and run the game again, if you have an after market video or sound card, please make sure and visit your card manufacturers website and download the latest drivers for it. After your all up to date, reboot and run the game again and see if that fixes your problem.

For Macintosh OS X Users: Updates are semi-automatic, but to manually check for software updates please do the following. Click on the "Apple" icon on the top left hand side of your desktop and choose the "Software Update" option. Follow Apple's update instructions to receive your updates. If you have an after market video card in your Apple PC, please contact your video card manufacturer from their website to check for any updates and the instructions to install them.

If after trying all of the previous troubleshooting options your game still does not function correctly, you most likely are having a problem beyond our ability to diagnose. This usually requires the assistance of a trained PC Technician. We do lastly offer a 30 day unconditional guarantee on all of our software products. You can email if you have exhausted your efforts and are interested in a refund.

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