I've Lost My Password Or Log In Name

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I've Lost My Password Or Log In Name

Post by Unicron » Wed Jun 30, 2004 11:39 am

We currently only offer an automated system for recovering your name(s) and or password(s). If you are unable to recover them, they are unfortunately lost and you will have to create a new name from scratch.

Here is the information on how to use the automated recovery tool;

Start your software from its desktop icon or start menu group. After the "Silver Creek Presents" screen and "Full or Trial Version" display screen, click on the "Play Online" button. You can also do this by navigating to the main menu and pressing "Play GAME NAME Online". Then click on the "Lost Password" button. If just need your password, enter your user name in the "User Name" field exactly as it is spelled (with any caps and spaces where appropriate) and press the "Send Request" button. This will email you that name's password to its registered email address.

If you can't remember your user name or exactly how you spelled/typed it, leave the name space blank and enter your email in the "Email" field and then press "Send Request". This will email all user names and passwords that are registered to that email address to that email address.


The system only emails that information to the email is is registered to. If your email changed and you didn't update your individual names with it, you won't get anything. For example, if you registered smoot97528 with the password smootiscool457 and used the email support@silvercrk.com, the game will only send your password to support@silvercrk.com, even if you don't have that email anymore.

I am sure you can see why it is very important to update all of you characters with your new email address when it changes. To do this you need to log in with each character you need to update and click the "Profile" button under the characters portrait (the top left of the screen after you are logged into the lobby). Then click on the "Account" tab, update your email address, and then click on the "Submit Changes" button.

If you do not do this when you change emails and you forget your password, your character will be lost forever. That can be a real bummer when your character has a high rating. We do not have access to your log in password and can not change it or your email address for you. So don't forget it is your responsibility to keep your account updated or risk losing your favorite character(s).

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