I've Been Banned!?

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I've Been Banned!?

Post by Unicron » Wed Jun 30, 2004 12:00 pm

If you have been banned, please look over the different reasons below and you should find a brief explanation for what has occurred and what to do about it if applicable;

Banned 10000 Days For Unpayed/Returned E-Check: This means that your payment method (in this case E-Check) was returned as unpayed or was unable to be collected. This means until another method of payment has been received and verified you will not be able to access the game. Please either email or call our orders line (888-426-3638) and arrange for a different payment method to be made to return your service.

Banned 10000 Days For Credit Card Charge Reversed: This means you or someone authorized on your card has reversed your payment. Please follow the above recommendation to reinstate your account.

Banned XXXXX Days For REASON NOT SET: Please email support@silvercrk.com for details and make sure and include your user name that you tried to log in with,

Banned XXXXX Days For Language, Harassment, Name Creation Harassment, Illegal Name Creation, Inappropriate Conversation, Table Talk /Cheating In A Rated Game, or various others: These messages usually mean you have broken a server rule and have had your access to the online portion of the game removed for the aforementioned reason. You can view a brief list of some of our rules at;


Server Rule Violation Bans are not personal and should not be taken as such. It is Silver Creeks way of saying "perhaps it would be a good idea to take a break and cool down for a while". I will also take this time to answer some possible questions you may have about these types of bans.

First off, no it is not permanent unless your ban stated that it was for 10000 days (and even permanent bans are negotable unless otherwise noted by a member of administration). The time the ban will be in duration is stated in the message you receive when trying to log on (i.e. Banned 7 days for language). The ban time limit is not set at the time you initiated the action that led to the ban, but rather the time we actually put it in place. Bans are removed sometime between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm PST on the day they are supposed to be up. Emailing in the morning asking to be removed earlier in the day will not change the time of the removal. If your ban was not removed when it was supposed to be please email support@silvercrk.com and include your user name.(note: If you receive a one day ban on a Friday it will not be removed until the next business day as we do not operate on the weekends or holidays.)

If you have requested a reason for your ban please refer to the ban message. (i.e. language, Harassment, name creation, etc.) We have a large number of players operating on the server at any given time and cannot always accommodate further explanation for your ban. If you feel that someone else involved in a dispute should have been punished as well, and you feel we were not made aware of there involvement please, upon returning to the game, file a report so that we may investigate your claim further. All reports made in game are read and investigated by some member of administration. Action may not be taken on every report, but they are all looked at and investigated.

Lastly, please understand that we mean no disrespect to you, and this ban is only a tool used to keep the game fun to play for everyone. We cannot issue you a refund for any reason past the first 30 days of purchase. If you have purchased within the last 30 days and would be interested in a refund please email order@silvercrk.com and include all relevant order information. Also Note that NO ban related questions or requests will be taken at our order/support telephone lines. Our personnel can only help you with orders and tech support at those numbers. All ban related issues must dealt with through support@silvercrk.com

I believe a guide is responsible for getting me banned, what can I do?

Only members of administration can ban your ability to play. Guides are only their to silence, censor, and otherwise help. If you were banned it was done by a member of our employed staff from verified information, either from a report, an email, or some similar reported fashion.

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