Someone has broken a rule/used profanity/report questions...

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Someone has broken a rule/used profanity/report questions...

Post by Unicron » Thu Jul 01, 2004 1:43 pm

Hearts, Spades, and Euchre all have the ability let you play online with other people from around the world. This adds a degree of realism that makes these games very fun. However, just like in the real world, you are going to meet people that break the rules and may even be rude. The following are suggestions on what you can do in these situations;

If someone is being rude or profane the best thing you can do is use the in-game mute tool to block you from seeing that persons chat. In order to use this tool simply right click on the offending players name and press the ignore button. You will no longer see their chat for the duration of your log-in.

After that, if you feel that the person warrants further attention or you need more assistance either contact a Guide (Volunteer Player Appearing With Their Name In Blue Text) or read below how to file a report for a member of our staff to review and investigate.

To file a report follow these steps;

While in the lobby, game room, or tournament rooms press "Lobby Options" and then "File Report" This will bring up the link to the report screen. Simply follow the instructions given. If for some reason the report screen is inactive you can also email

What sorts of things should you file a report about?

*Verifiable Cheating/Table Talking

What sorts of things should you NOT file a report about?

*Quitting (this is already factored against the player using our software.)
*Grievances About a Silence or Censor (email
*Guide Complaints (again, please email
*Names or Profiles Possibly Needing to be Censored (please see a guide)

What makes up a useful/constructive report?

*Correct Spelling, Capitalization and Spacing of User Names Involved in the Dispute (very important as we require this to verify chat)
*Short, Clear, and Informative Explanation of the Problem (please do not include lines and lines of chat or game logs unless absolutely neccesary)
*Current Email For Your User Name (please make sure the email under your profile is current in case we need further information)

Are These Even Read, Is Anything Done, And If So What?

All reports are read and investigated by a member of Silver Creek Staff. All legitimate reports filed against disruptive individuals are filed under their account regardless of action being taken. So even if they receive no punishment from your report, if they continue to disrupt the game your report/investigation will be used in future instances of issues with the individual. With the information from your report(s), disruptive individuals can and are warned, temporarily banned, and in some instanced removed from the site all together.

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