Hearts Mac Beta, build 90

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Hearts Mac Beta, build 90

Post by Manny » Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:42 pm


We have a Beta release up for Mac of the new version of Hardwood Hearts.

Download Here

5/1/09: The original Beta, Build 88, was updated today with Build 90 which fixes a crash in the in-game order form.

The next update to Hardwood Hearts is ready for testing. This is a prerelease version so what we're looking for is bugs and general feedback on the changes. Please provide feedback in this thread, AND use the "submit bug report" button in the game.

If you know someone that would like to try it out, feel free to give them a link to this page.

We've made a lot of little changes to the interface and some perceptual changes as well. We think that these changes will help reduce confusion for new players. So here we go...

* One big difference, is that what was the trail version is now playable forever for FREE. We still have a upgrade path to the registered features (above and beyond the free stuff), but we won't be timing out the game. (if you already own a key, it will work to upgrade you, probably automatically)
* We've also reworked the menus, and added a new avatar for the Free users to use, we call it "the blob". If you have a hardwood hearts unlock key ,you can enter it in, to be back to the full functionality that you currently have. (please be sure to let us know how well that's working for you)
* The music has been upgraded to a better format than the old midi music. However, for folks that have a prior version, your old music will still load, you need to go into the music playlist and add the OGGs to hear the better sounding music.
* The Interface for the room list has been reworked quite a bit.
* to host a game now, there is a button at the top of the game list labeled "create a game"
* Now there are tips abound for the 1st time you do many things. For instance, when you log on online, it will explain what your looking at and what to do next.
* The login box is now cleaned up and simpler to look at with less buttons and doodads.
* We've added some quick access buttons for a few colors of chat and for the emotes. You can still do the more advanced stuff, but this helps the new folks.

So here's the link, go give it a whirl.

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