Issues with chat and Mac Version 2 games...

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Issues with chat and Mac Version 2 games...

Post by Professor Robert » Thu Nov 17, 2016 11:24 am

Good afternoon all,

I have experienced issues when trying to chat us8ing the latest builds for Mac: Version 2, build 275.0. Have any of you hard core Mac users had this issue when you chat and hit enter, then it bids 1 for you automatically and it can severely damage your bidding during a game.

Also in the lobby, when you come back out of a game, you have to click on the chat section or you can't seem to type?

Let me know if there are others out there who experience issues with Mac version 2 of the games. It would be interesting to know what can be put forward to fix. :)

Myself, I use a MacBook (June 2015) and it uses quad processors as well as 8 gb of ram, plenty of hd space as well as retina display.

Thank you,

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