Hardwood Spades on Xbox 360

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Hardwood Spades on Xbox 360

Post by newstatic42 » Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:13 am

Hi, I'm a big fan of your Xbox 360 version of hardwood spades. The game does have some issues that I wanted to let you know about, hopefully they can be fixed, the game has a huge fanbase.

There are several ways people can cheat in the Xbox 360 version of the game, that could be fixed.

1. Pass 2 games can be held up, forcing the opponent to quit and lose rank points. Passing 2 cards does not timeout, or have a countdown. This is how many of the xbox 360 good squads manage to cheat and steal points.

2. Starting a ranked match does not truly kick out the "watchers" in the room. They can continue to be heard through the headset for the remainder of the game. This is often annoying and a method used to cheat by the goon squads.

3. The top 20 ranks of the leaderboard is only members of a particular group who cheat to get their ranks. These individuals only play inside their group so it is practically impossible to achieve a higher trueskill rank above 20.

4. There is no record or scoreboard that tracks quitting. Because of this, anyone sitting down, dumbly into a red seat, will lose 1000 points from their trueskill everytime the host quits. This is a fairly commonly used tactic to steal points from unsuspecting victims.

I recommend that if you update this game, please include a guide feature. It would be nice to have 24/7 support to this game. Microsoft's phone support does not do anything about the many calls they receive about this game.

Please add player stats that include quitting, win/losses. I realize the true skill system is in place, but there's no way to check a person out before you start a game with them.

Also, beneath the avatar of the person their True Skill should be mentioned, or it should be known before starting a game. People on there often lie about their rank, and it is possible now for them to "hide" their rank by changing privacy settings.

I love you Silvercreek please make this game better.

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