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Registering Backgammon - what gives?

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 3:08 pm
by JerryLBell
I bought Hardwood Backgammon a couple of weeks ago. I installed it and used the key that had been sent me. I was then asked to register it online. I intentionally keep my "game" PC disconnected from the internet to keep it as clean and secure as I can, so I opted for the register by email option. I've sent in the registration information by email three times now and I've yet to get any kind of response. What gives? Am I supposed to be editing the string of information that is pasted to the clipboard once I've put it in the email? I'm getting a little irked by this lack of response for a game I paid for. Can anybody point me to somebody that will actually send me the registration information I need?

Thanks in advance for any helpful replies!