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features requests

Post by MadDog_IL » Fri Oct 16, 2009 3:08 am

I just purchased the backgammon for mac.
Great game, though few things that "bug" me:
1. i would like to have feature like in HWS3 to start directly, without need to "land" on main menu and user selection menu each time.
So when i first lunch the game it would simply start last game as i left it or start fresh new (if saving position is not possible).
2. some way to display last computer move. When animation speed is quite fast, you sometime having trouble to track the last move made by the computer. perhaps make a button that highlight the pieces that moved and the position it was moved from. Also if possible to control the computer move speed without affect the overall animation speed for my own moves or general game speed it would be great.

finally, not so much feature request, but noticed while game running it take rather high system cpu (50-70%) on my intel based mac (MacBook Air 1.6GHz). If would be possible to allow certain optimizations options that would hog less cpu would be handy to have.
Running latest OS X version - snow leopard.

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