BUG: High system cpu on Mac version ?

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BUG: High system cpu on Mac version ?

Post by MadDog_IL » Tue Oct 13, 2009 2:09 pm


it's been a while since i was active here, mostly because of personal life issues, will give more info about that in another thread...

Today i purchased a separate license for mac, so i can run a copy on my new macbook air.
I came across problem that for some unknown reason when playing game, at some point in the game where some "stacks" are already piled up, the cpu usage (both user & system) becomes very high. the process itself gets up to 20-35% and system cpu shows as total of 80%.
When HWS3 closed, the system % usage is down back to 5%.

I'm currently running Mac OS X 10.5.8 (waiting for snow leopard mail shipment for upgrade, should arrive tomorrow).
Running with MacBook Air 1.6GHz, 2gb ram.

Would appreciate a fix for the problem, as i cannot play with this bg, it's major slow down to system, mouse cursor itself begin to be sluggish and i cannot use my mac or even play like this :(

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