[server update] New features 10/12/11

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[server update] New features 10/12/11

Post by Jonas » Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:42 pm

On 10/12/11 we rolled out a server update, and I'll like to talk to you about the new features:

  • Improved the Random Number generator for dealing decks.
  • Improved the Ignore tool to persist. In the past when you ignored someone it would be reset if you or the other person logged off. Now it sticks.
  • You can now Invite a player to come to your game. Just click on the player and choose "invite"
  • Added a context menu to players names where you can like/dislike them. This helps you focus on folks you enjoy playing with by sorting how they show up in the player list as well as affecting their ability to join games you host.
In some rooms when you host a game you can filter who is allowed to join based on the Likes/Dislikes . The join requirement filters are: (keep in mind this is from the perspective of the host)
  • No one I Dislike (this is the default) So everyone BUT the players you have dislike can join. This should really help with stalkers as they can't watch your game either
  • Only players I like (Plus members only/version2 clients)
  • Invite only (Plus members only/version2 clients) No one game join this game, you need to manually invite them.
  • Everyone.
The default will be "No one I Dislike " So what does this mean? Well it means if a player has a bad experience with a player, they can dislike them. Then if they host a game, the disliked player will see the game as being unavailable to them. It won't say why, but it will show up as an Invite only game from their point of view.

We've also brought back the ability to Reset your rating. Just click on your name and click reset rating. Now this takes you to the hardwoodgames.com page about your game statistics, but if you are on an old client you will 1st have to login to the website with your name and password from the game to proceed. Then you'll see a list of all the games you could reset your rating in.

If you haven't played a game on the Name you are using there in the last year, we might not have any data, so you'll need to play at least 1 game on that name before the reset button will be available.

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