Holy pokerdilly Batman...I have figured it out !

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Holy pokerdilly Batman...I have figured it out !

Post by larryboy1956 » Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:52 am

How the server scores the games. . .

First, a game costs you 100 tokens.
You play your game and finish with a total of 80 points (tokens). the difference between the 100 you payed to play the game and your final score is 20 so the game will only cost you 20 tokens instead of 100.
Should you finish with 120 points (tokens), not only did you cover the initial 100 tokens, you also receive 20 additional ones.

Now if you beat your oponent, you will get the bonus; the bonus is the total number of winning hands that you and your oponent acheived. Example: you acheived 20 winning hands during your game and your oponent acheived 10 winning hands. That is a total of 30 winning hands and that is what the winner gets in the BONUS, 30 tokens.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah !

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