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Spades Humor

Post by Joe Andrews » Mon Nov 19, 2007 7:23 pm

Top Ten Spades Abbreviations

The "light" side of Spades - Some of these might come in "handy" during the course of a game with your favorite partner! :lol:

10. GG (Good Game) A compliment from the opponents, after they have "croaked" your side by a score of 500 something to 200 something! Sometimes they will say "You guys played well, we are surprised that got 200 points against us"! If you made a meaningless Nil on the last hand, they will say to your side - "NN" (nice Nil)!

9. NTP (Nice Try Partner) A "condolence" of sorts by a disappointed / frustrated partner who has just watched you get set because of your poor play. Some partners will simply abandon the game, leaving you with a bot. Other partners will be nasty and may proclaim: "Not all butchers are in the meat cutting business"! :lol:

8. NBP (Nice bagging, Partner) A wry or sarcastic comment by partner after you have found a way to soak in all four bags on a (table) nine bid, or all three bags on a (table) ten bid. Some partners get "cheesy" about one bag.

7. DOG or TBS (Delay of Game or The Big Stall) - A term for wily opponents who are losing and will try to use delaying tactic by stalling, tkaing breaks, and intentionally playing slow, in an attempt to get you to abandon a game.

6. VIP (Very Interesting Play) A snappy, accusing comment by an opponent directed to your partner, as he leads a deuce on the first or second round of a side suit, while covering your Nil - and you just happen to be void in THAT suit!

5. WPP (Well played partner) Obvious, useless praise from your partner as you take three Aces for three tricks, while playing a flat, balanced hand which did not have any other winnable tricks, and a hand which could have been played by your cat.

4. OMG (Oh My God) An expression of utter disbelief and total surprise, by your partner, as you miscalculate an endgame bidding situation, and allow the opponents to win an otherwise lost game. Sometimes called "Bidding to Lose or BTL" . May also apply to allowing the opponents to make a Nil which should have been set.

3. WDDF (Whaja Do Dat For) An angry "shot" by an obviously irritated partner who does not agree with your line of play. WDDF is often uttered after a losing finesse is taken, a "ruff - sluff" is surrendered, or you lead # 13 of a suit, allowing the opponents to dump two bags on one trick.

2. AITO (As It Turns Out) 100% pure Hindsight, with no trans fats or cholesterol, and referring to the endless "post mortem" analysis of a hand based on the lie of the cards after all four deals are observed.
A few partners will then insert this - "You did the best you could, partner, the hand was obviosuly too advanced for you", or "I forgive you, dear".

And the # 1 Abbreviation -

IRBLTG (I'd Rather Be Lucky Than Good) A cutting remark to the superior skilled opponents who have outplayed and outclassed you, as you bail off the table when the last card of the last hand is played.

First Runner -Up

SBTD (Screwed By The Dealer) - Blaming the results of the game on the RDG (Random Deal Generator) or the bad deals you had (even if your side botched a key hand or two)!

Second Runner Up

HCDB (Here Come 'Da Bot) - A maneuver performed by a losing team (during a game) to take advantage of a situation which occurs when one of the players of the other Team is accidentally disconnected from the HW site. They simply click on the vacated space, saddling the other opponent with a Bot. Nice, huh?

Third Runner Up (Excuses for losing to better players)

NFW (Not Feeling Well) An excuse for making errors or losing a game. Acceptable substitutes are : CDH - "My cat or dog was hungry"; PC - "I had to take a phone call"; BRTB - "I had to go to the bathroom, but I kept on playing and suffered"'; DBUPS - "The doorbell rang and it was the mailman"; GHUGD - "Getting hugged and distracted"; COMP - "My computer was giving me trouble"; BBB - "Bud Beer Break", and COLTS or BEARS or any other Team - "I was depressed because my favorite sports team lost".

Does anyone out there have an abbreviation which can be added to the list?

Enjoy life - Play Spades!

Happy Holidays! :lol:

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