ban the winning players during game

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ban the winning players during game

Post by Synderyella » Mon Apr 21, 2008 2:39 pm

if one of the winners gets disconnected this gives the losing opponents a quick way to save themselves the loss. They can ban the remaining winner and then abandon the game before you can get a guide or sub you are kicked and BANNED out of your game and you lose your win. This has been happening more and more. I tried to post on this a minute ago and got disconnected. So if this appears twice then you can read twice about what is happening many times in spades. Bots don't play pass 2 so the losing ops become host when host is disconnected and before the winning player can reconnect they have botted that seat. The computer will vote yes for abandon or kick so they can easily kick the other winning opponent with a BAN to prevent that player from returning. Even if the disconnected player does return they can get kicked and BANNED too by the bot and the pones. Now the pones have control of the game to abandon or take over with bots for an easy win. If no guide available they will take the easy win with bots. If a guide comes ...well worse case scenario it is abandoned...either way winners do not get to finish the game and losers don't take a loss. What a racket. This is happening more and more. I see it a alot because I do not know my partners I play. I am really tired of this. I think hw needs to stop allowing BAN of a player who has already started to play in a game. This is just giving losers a way to cheat the winners. It is so unfair and really getting to be common in HW.
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Re: ban the winning players during game

Post by In2ition » Fri Apr 25, 2008 9:33 pm

I thought the option to kick/ban was only available when the player being voted against was delaying consistently. ( i've tried to kick rude players before and gotten a message saying "You may only kick a rated played if they are stalling or have been away for more then 2 minutes") So if you were playing at a normal pace without delaying, then the worst can happen is that you get stuck with a bot for a pard. Still not a great option, but it leaves you with a little control.
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Re: ban the winning players during game

Post by kenny_j » Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:46 am

Some people have the ability to kick without a 2 minute wait, and for no reason. I have complained about it, and watched the same guy that kicked me ( individual game that I was winning) do it to somebody else a few days later, I was losing and not bothered, the guy he tried to kik was winning, but I wouldn't vote for the kik. I exposed him with chat and told others what he was doing, and the kicker finally lost.
In pairs games I see them start accusing of slow play, when there is none. If you try to type a response, others think you are slow, and vote with the corrupt kicker to ban you. This behavior is good for no one!!
Some times they work in pairs it seems. The only motive s can be to improve their own ratings, or just the thrill of screwing with others.


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