"I'd rather be lucky than good"

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"I'd rather be lucky than good"

Post by Joe Andrews » Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:05 am

How many times have you heard this quote? about luck in Spades> Yes, I liked Galts' recent post about spectacular comebacks in Spades games. I certainly know how it feels to "steal" a hopelessly lost game from opponents who had big leads and frittered away their advantage -and coughed up the game at the end. Then there are those times in which the opponent has used the "Double Nil" (in games which had no restriction on this dreadful bid) to rescue lost games. (I hate DN's)! However, here are some interesting scenarios in which I was on the receiving end of some rather incredible cards by the opponents (at a "live" event)

1. Exhibit "A" - The Spades Connection (March, 2005)

Note - "Spades Connection" organizes a really "neat" and fun "live" event every March in TN Check them out on the Internet!

Larry ( an expert player). and I have had a great tournament, and we are the "Top Seed" in the TOC with 5 buttons, and a 22 - 4 match play (won - loss) record. In the first round of the TOC, (playing against the bottom seed), we are sailing along (after hand number eight) in a ten hand format with a 412 - 193 lead. Larry was chortling and telling the opponents how well THEY had played, and how we had the "better" cards! The opponents then scored 310 points on the last two hands, with successful consecutive bids of Nil / 5, and Nil / 6, while we are held to 70 points on the last two hands (combined), with absolutely crap cards (and no chance for Nil). I will never forget the expression on Larry's face when the game was over "What happened partner????) - OR - the absolute joy and elation of our opponents, as they yelled and screamed (and gurgled with ABSOLUTE glee). Larry was seen heading for elevator and his room! :mrgreen:

2. Exhibit "B" - The Spades Connection (March, 2007)

"Rusty" and I are in the second Round of the TOC. Our next round opponents eagerly await the upcoming match. It is the last hand. "Cable" and Sue are the opponents. We have a 130 point lead. Bags are not a problem for either side. We have set them twice, and they have come back and closed the gap with a Nil / 2. My partner who held the spade Ace (bare), and a hand full of low card junk, bids one. Sue, on my right, bids 8, with such gusto and volume that the bid can be heard all the way across the room, and half of Nashville. (She had 8 big spades, missing only the Ace, and the Aces of clubs and diamonds.! I pick up this hand:

Spades - 7 6 4 / Hearts - K Q 9 / Diamonds - Q J 10 / Clubs - J 10 9 7

I cough up a two bid (a risk, to be sure, as " 1" might have been been better), and sure enough, "Cable", on my left, bellows out a Nil. (He had the Kings in the off suit Aces that his partner holds) There were a few kibitzers watching this hand. Well.... to make a long story short, the Nil / 8 rolled in, and we lost accordingly. One of the "kibbers" said I should have bid Nil.! Another elimination. Another weekend gonzo! :mrgreen:

Exhibit "C" - The Spades Connection - (March, 2004)

I actually saw this happen. In the format of this event, all you have to do is to win ONE "mini" three round tournament (8 teams, 3 wins), and you get a "button", which qualifies you for the TOC. And in the TOC, anyone can win (as it is single elimination, four or five rounds).

Well, there are these two women, very nice and congenial people), who are not very accomplished players (an understatement). My partner and I croaked them by 300 points in the preliminaries, and we didn't breathe hard! For two days, (and two nights,) they are getting pounded, losing game after game.They were Cannon fodder for the rest of the field. Like feeding meat to hungry lions on the Serengeti! Their winning percentage of all games played is less than 20%. A dreadful performance! It reminds me of the 1962 New York Mets, or the 2003 Detroit Tiger Teams! Come Saturday afternoon, they still have not won their button. Finally, in the last tournament before the TOC, they get some decent cards and "eke" out a win in the third round of their match. Wow - they are going to the dance! Now, it's on to the TOC.

Well, they catch fire. I mean blazing hot! Smoking! Red hot! Their successful Nils come fast and furious, their hands seem to be loaded with lots of Spades, and side suit Aces, their winning margin for each of their games is more than 200 points, and they run the table - undefeated with five consecutive wins against the "creme de la creme", and take home first place. The greatest turn around is Spades history! Champions, no less. I offer to pay their way to Grand Prix, and their entry fees, if I can take half of their winnings! They decline due to family obligations. As for their performance, I say -

"I'd rather be lucky than good" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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