FAQ ..What Jonas has to say about changes coming

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FAQ ..What Jonas has to say about changes coming

Post by Ralphie May » Sun Nov 28, 2010 12:06 pm

OK everyone in lobby is askin and talking and rumors are running wild so I did a little forum research and found everything that The Man With the Plan aka Jonas has to say. So now when people are asking feel free to just give this link.

1. What are the new things coming?
Jonas wrote:New new version 2 clients aren't ready for release yet, so we aren't announcing new features. :)
2.Are you going to charge us more money then what we have already paid?
Jonas wrote:We're moving away from Monolithic payments like "by this game for " $24.95. And moving to a micros transaction model like in Hardwood Solitaire IV. The base game will likely be free or low cost.

That way one can buy what they like, and pass on what they don't like. Also much of the items will likely work across games, buy a environment or a character, and you get it for all the games that support it. The whole things is gonna be a lot different for those that choose to move forward to the new clients.

We obviously need to earn money, that's how we feed our families like anyone else. We just need to adjust to a world where monolithic payments are kinda of a bygone era and new business models like mictotransactions are proving to resonate with customers.

Should be interesting :)
3. Where did the reset go?
Jonas wrote:The reason for the "reset rating" is a technical one and it has to do with some refactoring we're doing so we can maintain the servers moving forward. In theory if you want to play rated games, you will have a valid rating. To reset is actually kinda a cheat ifs its being used to disguise ones true rating.

That said, there are no plans to "take way" the Spades game client you have now. The new client is so different, we full expect not everyone will be on board with it, and we've chose to make the old client and the new client be able to work together on the same servers.

So that basically mean's, sans reset rating, you there shouldn't be much else changing for you on the current client.

The new client will be a vastly different beast because its going cross platform to touch mobile devices. The way you purchase the game is very different but we're going to make a way upgrade to the new client. Probably something similar that we did with Solitaire IV.

There are no plans to FORCE you to update to it, you will be more than welcome to continue with the version you have.

There will be new features in the new version, and to take advantage of them, will require moving into the new system.
4.If we can't reset will it be impossible for lower rated people to get a game?
Jonas wrote: In theory there will over time be a more diverse rage of ratings. If people are 1300 point players, the people that would have reset a lot will eventually be in the same boat, and hence can play one another. OR they can play social.

We actually now starting to have a pretty active social game community in hearts.
5.If we can't reset then won't it just force people to make new nics all the time?
Jonas wrote:The nature of how stuff we purchase will be attached to each account. People won't be apt to make 200 nicks anymore.
6. Why did the top 25 change?
Jonas wrote:We're working on transitioning to a new leader board page, and the it will emerge there eventually. We're having to rebuild from the ground up the stuff behind the scenes to support new things and plans for the future, some of them feature related, some of them infrastructure related.

7. Are you going to reset everyone ratings?
Jonas wrote: What you consider a rating now will still remain and be ongoing. I think people misunderstood what I was asking about in an other thread about how to start of new ratings if we split them for the various game variants.

The plan is, as I understand it, that IF we split the ratings out (e.g. one for partners, one for singles, one for suicide) the overall (what people currently think of as a rating) will continue on just like it is.

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