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What is your "Spades Personality"?

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:54 am
by dustin7609
This is a descriptor which I call “spades personality”; basically, a string of letters which describe a spades player's self-rating along various axes, with the goal of providing a rough snapshot of that player's spades “philosophy” (it does NOT include a self-assessment of skill level). The idea is that it could be used to provide clues about compatibility with potential partners, by allowing one player to see at a glance whether another player's tendencies are in close alignment with his or her own.

Here are the categories. These questions should be answered assuming it's a "general score situation" scenario (i.e. 0-0).

1) How would you characterize your overall level of competitiveness?

A. For me, spades is almost entirely social and/or cerebral; winning or losing isn't important
B. Spades is mostly about challenging myself, results are secondary if I feel I have played well
C. I'm not particularly competitive, but I prefer to win and am bummed if I don't do well
D. I am competitive, I play to win, and I expect my partner to have a similar mindset
E. I am highly competitive; I view spades almost as a bloodsport, or as a way to express intellectual dominance; I will do whatever it takes (within the rules) to win

2) How would you characterize your level of bidding aggression in general?

A. I'm a very conservative bidder, I always have my bid and am only set if my ace is ruffed.
B. I'm a conservative bidder, and my bids always allow a cushion.
C. Average, I don't consider myself particularly conservative or aggressive
D. I'm an aggressive bidder, I will push my bid when my hand texture is strong.
E. I'm a very aggressive bidder, I consistently push my bid to the maximum and sometimes beyond.

3) How would you describe your level of "Post-mortemitis"?

A. I prefer not to discuss hands after they are done
B. I will occasionally discuss an interesting hand, but I'm much more interested in the actual play
C. I like to rehash the highlights of a session, but without going into much detail
D. I enjoy more in-depth discussion about the hands, perhaps using them as a learning tool
E. I like to go over every hand from a session with a fine-toothed comb, studying each card played or bid made

4) How would you describe your relationship with card theory?

A. I've never read/studied anything on spades theory or strategy
B. I rarely read/study theory; just an occasional online blog
C. I sometimes read; I own a book on spades theory or read whats available online
D. I often read books and online blogs
E. I am constantly reading/re-reading theory both online and in books.

5) What is your preferred level of complexity for carding agreements/conventions?

A. I prefer to have almost no carding agreements, I depend almost entirely on judgment and general principles
B. I prefer only simple carding agreements (i.e. high-low, top of sequence leads, etc)
C. I prefer an average level of complexity in carding agreements; e.g., attitude signaling, various lead agreements, etc
D. I prefer more complex agreements; frequent suit preference, spade suit signals, etc.
E. I prefer highly complex carding agreements, wherein almost every spot card has a specific and identifiable meaning

6) How would you characterize your general approach to leads?

A. Very conservative, I almost always make a passive lead to avoid giving up tricks
B. Conservative, I usually lead passively in the absence of evidence to the contrary
C. Average, I wouldn't consider myself aggressive or conservative on leads
D. Aggressive, I usually make an attacking lead in the absence of evidence to the contrary
E. Very aggressive, I almost always make an attacking lead looking for the set

Now you just list where you'd put yourself in each of the 6 categories. For example, my "profile" is DDDEDD

Re: What is your "Spades Personality"?

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 5:41 pm
by Ralphie May

Re: What is your "Spades Personality"?

Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2012 6:02 pm
by Primal Instincts
Well I dont play partners but very rarely so I answered all but the last question basing my answers on 4 way singles..... :spade: