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problem game in the patch???

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2003 5:19 pm
by SammieE
Clicked yes to begin game. (said: this will be rated game) Last hand, the opponents were winning. A nil on the board, 2 cards left to throw, my partner left. No bot, no sub, but those two cards were played. :?: It went to the game over, 503 them 430 us, it showed his icon. It was a 1550 ranked game, no point dispersement. Clicked I was still in game, no, yes/no play again; I clicked the menu and left. The lobby said: you left this game early, so on and etc. I asked my partner in the lobby, what happened, he said: the game was over. I waited for the game on my profile, it hasn't shown yet. There is still no point deduction from my nic.
Interesting, wouldn't you say?