Grand Prix National Championship - Sept. 04

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Grand Prix National Championship - Sept. 04

Post by Joe Andrews » Sat Feb 21, 2004 8:13 am

Hello everyone. I appreciate all of the kind words regarding the Nationals.
In order to conduct such an event, a lot of planning and coordination must occur. Anyone who has ever organized a "live" event will understand this.
The Grand Prix (now in its sixth year) is non-profit, and 100% of the Sponsor money, as well as 100% the entry fees collected at the event itself, go back to the Prize fund for the players. Silvercreek (Hardwood) was one of the main Sponsors of last year's event. My special thanks to Jonas Stewart for his generous support of the annual Series.

I have read some of the recent posts about the Spades Nationals. This year's event is scheduled for Sept. 17-19, and will be in Chicago, IL. Last year's Nationals were held in Cincinnati. The field consisted of 96 Euchre players, 42 Spades players, and a small field of 8 Hearts players. Euchre has a large coterie of players who participate in "live" events throughout the MidWest and eastern Canada. This ensures a large field for the Euchre Nationals. Unfortunately, there are few "live" Spades and Hearts Tournies; thus, most of the qualifying field must come from "on-line" Tournaments. The only legitimate qualifying "live" Spades event is organized by a group called "The Spades Connection" (Nashville, TN) - who conduct superb Tournaments! (They are Grand Prix sanctioned). GP will NOT sanction any "live" Spades event which is proprietary, require players to "buy in" after losing a game, or allows it Directors / Hosts to play for Cash Prizes. I am very reluctant to open the field to "walk-ins", as this would considerably compromise the qualifiers; therefore, it is necessary to utilize the Internet as the source of players.

Ideally, in Spades, the perfect size for this event is 48 Teams (96 Players)
The format is a five-round, progressive (Swiss Paired), with all Teams playing five full games. Playoffs then follow. This tends to produce the best Teams for the Final 4. However, the old NFL adage "on any given Sunday, any team can win", surely applies to any card game event. That is the beauty of Spades, equal opportunity for all!

I could accomodate up to 64 Teams; that would be the upper limit. The idea is to have a strong field; and hopefully the "on-line" qualifiers will help to achive this result. Every player is treated with equal respect, and hopefully, every player will have a wonderful time meeting their friends, and enjoying the thrill of the competition. Grand Prix "on-line" qualifers are free for all participants. -And the efforts of the Hosts and TD's are not taken for granted. They are true Volunteers who donate their time out of the kindness of their hearts, and their love of the game.

Finally, it is YOU - the player - who makes the Nationals Rock! I am there to ensure a clean and fun event, as well as a great memory for those who do come to the Nationals... Hopefully, I will see you in Chicago this Fall! -

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