Against *weird* Kids. . .

*Is it necessary, to have a main Password for HW games

Yes please!! My children doesnt behave at all!!
No, my kids never use bad language and they can play
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Post by omni_555 » Fri Jan 05, 2007 12:46 am

From everything that I know and have heard/read about SCE's relationship with its customers, it seems that SCE ALREADY works fairly closely with people. I have heard of and read stories about people who have had problems with someone else using their account and after some communication with SCE the problem has been resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

I would NOT agree however that SCE should make any kind of a "policy" about being bound to reverse a decision based on a player simply professing innocence of some wrongdoing. Each case would HAVE to be evaluated on its OWN merits.

...Just think of some similar types of situations. If someone's child broke past the "lock code" and ordered several pay-per-view movies, or even some R- or X-rated programming, how many people have had the experience that the cable company would gladly strike or refund the charges based on the parent's claim that "I didn't do it! It was that darned kid of mine!"

Granted, not EVERYONE is going to be satisfied with the responses or reactions to situations they find themselves in, but I do believe that SCE makes a very good attempt to treat everyone as fairly as possible.

And NO, before anyone asks... I am NOT related to or being paid by anyone at SCE to say this. I am a user who paid for the software and use it just like the rest of you out there. I guess I just haven't found SCE to be as unreasonable as some others seem to believe. 8)
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