Why does 2nd place benefit and 3rd place lose less ranking?

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Post by Luna » Tue Jul 03, 2007 3:12 pm

I love lowman play, and thought the Zone Case's Ladder room had some of the best lowman play around. The ladder system treated 2-4 as equal losers in the game. Most of the games were hard fought, and there rarely was lackluster play due to 2nd being the same as 4th. I found players more willing to take risks to get low knowing that it wasn't going to matter if they were 2nd or 4th. Players were also more willing to save high to keep the game alive.

There are different playing styles that people believe to be going for low so there can be disagreements on how hands are played. I do find that the big fuss over pnp changes how people play hands. There are situations where I feel a pnp is a more effective way to get low, but either a player passes the queen and doesn't lead spades, or they hold the queen and then make a blind drop hoping that low who is playing after the queen is dropped will be forced to take.

If one knows and trusts the players they're playing with then it will be a good game. There are certain tactics I'd learned in the ladder room at the zone that I won't do here unless I know the players at the table, and know that they play in a similiar manner.

One such tactic is passing the queen based on the seat position of low. It's far easier to get low if the queen is situated to low's left. That way if someone is leading low cards into low and low has to play high the player with the queen can be more confident in knowing that the queen is going to land on the intended target. Often with this goal in mind, a player to low's left might hold qxx knowing that the player across from him is going to pass at least two spades. However I have seen this blow up in one's face when the person across lacks the faith to keep the poorly supported q, passes it, and gets 3 spades from the other player. The spade passer is now staring at possibly a bare q, and low on his left. :oops:

I don't worry about my rating, and if people don't want to play me because it's under 1500 that's their problem not mine. There are a few people on my DNP list, but it's not because they're dumpers or pnp'ers, it more because they whine so much that it takes away from the joy of the game.

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Re: Why does 2nd place benefit and 3rd place lose less ranking?

Post by dadiomac » Tue Jan 15, 2008 7:24 pm


A lowman option sure would be nice!

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