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I'm back for a night and it's a nightmare...

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 7:52 am
by MatanTheRedDragon
Hey everyone,

Some of you still remember me after the 2 years break I had. Long story short, I found another arcade game and finished school with top marks and now I'm on a semester holiday.

So what's better then to come back to an awesome good ol' game of hearts? So I took 4 hours (8pm onwards, I'm waiting for 2 players for a social game of pards right now... god, did the game lost all the fun? I've waiting here for 15 minutes! C'mon people, it's social, don't be afraid to lose!) and decided to try out singles and pards. Now, I had only 1 pards game which I lost, obviously, but at least I'm happy to have one of my old pards with me so it's all good.

Anyway, the first 3.5 hours were a nightmare. I've played under 3 different accounts of random stuff I popped up over the 6 years I am playing hearts and needless to say I had no fun whatsoever.

What happened? I got kicked out of all games but two. Why?
Well, the first game I played my cards like always... except they didn't like it that I dumped on them. So they all went up against me and then kicked me out.
Next game, I decided to go for lowman but they didn't like this either and of course I lost and got kicked.
So next game I decided to try out a mixture -> Play my cards but play in favor of all while trying to get 2nd place. Same thing.

And so on it happened with all possible games. Shoot, non-shoot, rated, spot, non-spots.. name it! I've also been called pnp, cheater, dumper, liar, idiot and many more things.

When I first came to this game, the first 3 years were great and I made many friends and had fun. No one feared the Social games and we all played for fun... then the new generation kicked in and needless to say it all went wrong.

I just hate it. The community's a shame and there's no one to enforce this. There were no new builds for this game either (I'm still annoyed at the buggy replay game section which doesn't have the fooms displaying anymore as well as other bugs!) so I wonder what is SilverCreek even doing for this game, if anything. The game reached its best 2-3 years ago, and since then it lost it.

I would like to thank my partner for this evening for the 2 Pards game which we played together this night as well as 5 other players who I knew from years ago and I would like to thank them for the greatest time I had this evening (game ended 12:45am, few minute ago).

After the disrespectful evening which I had (except for pards game), which I didn't enjoy a single bit, I'm vowing never to play singles again.

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 10:02 am
by NatashaX
Well welcome back :)

When the Zone closed all of the Zoners came here. Apparently things were a lot diffrent there than here as far as game play. A whirlwind of dumping, pnping, lowman, name calling, kicking, etc. subjects got brought up as they happened. :cry: Everyone just had to get used to eachother :P

It has calmed down a lot since then but you still have your little tiffs here & there.

Just do like Santa :) Make a list, like I am sure we all do of people you would rather not play with & you will be fine :wink:

Look forward to seeing you at singles:) Give it another shot.....its worth getting used to:)

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 11:00 am
by Dust In The Wind
Welcome back Matan, i thought our game was a good game we played, yes somethings have changed, but there some that still play the way we all like.



Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 7:23 am
by Brodo
I dont know... i see rude people online everywhere... its not so hard to deal with them... few nice words and they relax...

if the reason they call you a dumper, cheater, idiot, retard, pnp'er, is not hidden between your chair and the keyboard, then you dont have to worry atall what others say to you!


Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:22 pm
by sandbar
8) Great to see you in here again, Matan, hugs Sandy :P
Drop in more often. Image


Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 6:05 pm
by jabez
Ok Friend I will be your Partner :) and 500 game ,,,, you get spades,,,,
I totally understand that we are experiencing an unusually high amount of
"Hardwwod - Rage" not to sure why, But they are ferice when it comes to playin, you are missed because of old timers, almost all games seem tobe No-Shoot with very low ratings.... read my post and see what I think:) Pastor Kurt / Jabez LOL wowowowowwowo

Welcome back

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 3:36 pm
by buck910721
hey at least the bird didnt poop on your keyboard, he he from the original red dragon. kudos on the schooling and shalom my friend .

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 2:29 pm
by mitch
I find it very difficult to play this game. I played 2 games tonight and both had a rude, obnoxious player in it. not including the 3rd game I went into and I was kicked before the game began and I had not said a word and there were only 2 of us.. The only way I can play this game is to mute players as soon as they open up their mouth. Almost every game, 8 out of 10 games I have to mute someone because they start to whine or swear. Ive been here since hardwood came out and I had so many friends, it was so fun back then. now, those friends have left and Im left with people that are the *SNIP*. It really makes me wonder what these people are like in real life. I dont say hello in a game unless someone else does because something ignorant comes out of someones mouth. I honestly try not to dump, pnp, all these wonderful rules the whinners made up just to keep peace but its not enough. I guess just breathing is a crime in these games. I find muting them saves me the headache of listening to them call me names. Don't get me wrong, Im very easy to get along with and If im spoken to I will talk to nice people but if they say something mean, even if its to another player, I mute them to save me the headache. thats my opinion. If you see me around say hi, nice to meet ya and we be friends. :lol: I also go by nic,*SNIP*

Player's abuse

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2007 2:44 pm
by lastrahm
It seems that the abuse is everywhere. I am new to Hardwood Hearts but not the game of Hearts. I don't claim to be the best player and for me that is not the point of the game. The abuse I have been getting is unreal. I am called name after name because of what I pass. Is there something in Hearts that says one shouldn't pass the Queen or high hearts if that is a choice? The abuse I was getting the other night makes me wonder! Also, depending on the hand, I may play my spades to try to get the Queen out. Again, the abuse is unreal. I have reported the worst, but this could be a full time job. I too am on winter break and need to start looking for a job. I was hoping for a couple of weeks without care and a lot of fun. So far, it hasn't been with Hearts.