Classic Card Game Books!

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Classic Card Game Books!

Post by Joe Andrews » Sat Feb 23, 2008 11:07 am

'The Complete Win At" Card Book Series

Autographed! Limited Supply!
Books in the Series include:

The Complete Win at Euchre (2004)
The Complete Win at Hearts (2001)
The Complete Win at Spades (2000)
The Complete Win at Whist (2000)

These books are written by Joe Andrews, and endorsed / published by the United States Playing Card Company, Inc. (makers of Bicycle Brand playing cards). Each book has at least 140 + pages, goes deep into its respective game history and describes winning strategies that players of all skill levels can use to increase their win ratio and have more fun while playing. A full glossary of terms and definitions is part of every book. You will be able to follow the instructional deal diagrams, and review the "play by play" of every hand.

If you are a novice looking for an itroduction to a game or a seasoned veteran that is looking fo new tips and tricks to improve your game, check out one of these books to get you on the road to winning your next tournament.

Special rate: Save up to 66% off the original Price!

These books were selling for $11.95 on

If you order one book, it will cost you only $6! Order two books, and play only $5 / book.
Order three or more books, and pay only $4 / book!

Bonus Prize - Receive a brand new deck of Bicycle Bridge size cards with EVERY book ordered. Bridge sized decks are easier to deal, and easier to hold.

For more info, send an email to -


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