JW Blake..............rest in peace

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Re: JW Blake..............rest in peace

Post by precious one » Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:39 pm

Tonight was no different... I wanted to play pards - searching...searching... he's not here! Hmm... I keep missing him, I think to myself. It's been hit and miss playing Hearts - been busy playing that addictive Words with Friends game!

But...I see CB under her Trammin' Trixie name and decide to sit and play. I casually ask - "Have you seen JW around"? She replies, "JWBlake" - I'm thinking, well ya...who else?? :D CB replies back, you haven't heard? I then hear those awful words that I couldn't wrap my head around. He passed away...

He would get googliy over Sandra Bullock, his musical notes popping up in his bubble - you knew you were going to be quizzed on a song! And...yes that infamous "DOH"! We played so many pard games, it just clicked when we played as pards - and now my pard is gone! I'm just beyond sadness at the moment.

Nilla - I'm so sorry! I can't imagine what you went through as well. My heart is heavy with sadness...

Good Night my friend...

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