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Re: Reports / Cheats

Post by Lazy Cat » Sat Jul 09, 2011 11:09 am


Today I saw them and I copy lobby chat.

[48] Registered_2: nice try david/mifsud
Registered_2: was not a part game loll
tfuBieula nRoib: are you silenced O
Mark_Twain: wow look at game 3 Mifsud > Nilghabu & Dav ids cheat nic is waiting for a game
The Masked Booby: Ahhh Nil = KabOOom?
The Masked Booby: I think
Mark_Twain: and lookie there Nilghabu just appeared, wonder if he will join game 3
[3] Mark_Twain: Lobby Server: Game 3 Scores: Mifsud 0(0) Nilghabu 0(0) fastgameonly 0(0) tahiti1 0(0
Ro Deluxe: how could Mifsud have a name in profile of Sandy.bigti.ts??
The Masked Booby: I guess the same way Nil/Kaboooom can keep doing their cheating thing
[25] zapiju: strange things happened lately
The Masked Booby: amazing how Nil/KabooOOom hardly ever take any points, its as if they have 2 computers in same room all the time
The Masked Booby: lol
Mark_Twain: report that ro maybe they will ban the cheaeters for that
[35] tfuBieula nRoib: ok
The Masked Booby: naaa they been doing there thing forever, Sandy knows him well
[35] tfuBieula nRoib: wocka
Ro Deluxe: Jonas would rather ruin this site his own way
The Masked Booby: I mean, she knows about his tricks
TakeaChanceOn_Me: MOD told me he has even reported them to admin, and sstill they do nothing
[41] DeathRowInmate: If someone has 2 accounts, 2 computers and 2 servers, they really can't prove anything
Ro Deluxe: when they took away the reset feature they ruined this site
U Cant B Legal: true
Mark_Twain: watch 1 game with those cheaters and you can see it
The Masked Booby: I mean, I hope a bus runs him over in real life, but otherwise I steer clear of games when you see a rating that doesn't fit the room like that
The Masked Booby: it's a CLUE ya know
Mark_Twain: still I used to like to try for the top spot but its museless now with these damn cheaters
TakeaChanceOn_Me: so all thereporting you do............don't bother, doesn't do a thing
Ro Deluxe: Bison is just as bad
A car show: you know the cheaters dont play with them
The Masked Booby: if they join the game late, you're better off exiting
Mark_Twain: nilghabu is Bison
The Masked Booby: and KabooOOoom
Ro Deluxe: ahhhhhhhhhh did not know that...ty Bryan
[32] chasrigg: ned 1
The Masked Booby: all the same
[3] TakeaChanceOn_Me: The Babbler as well?
[41] DeathRowInmate: Are cheaters really anymore annoying the the vindictive people who flip out when someone drops the Q on them
The Masked Booby: and he hardly speaks a word, always using multiple computers with his troop
[41] DeathRowInmate: and spend the rest of the game dumping on them
Mark_Twain: no I think the babbler and his other cheat account are different cause they are all different nics
The Masked Booby: how else can you always take so few points, if not with other eyes in the same room or on phone
The Masked Booby: 9 pts he has now that's a-typical
The Masked Booby: usually the pard he has is the one that takes all the points
Mark_Twain: yes
The Masked Booby: makes sure he doesn't take it
The Masked Booby: like I said, once in awhile is normal to have a 9 pt game, but all the time? Yea you figure it out rocket scientists
A car show: they are not the only cheaters a lot here who knows may be you r one of them
Mark_Twain: we do not need your opinion car show, wait until you learn how to play hearts and then comment
U Cant B Legal:
The Masked Booby: lol yeah that's why I had several lasts place in a row before my last win, I cheat
The Masked Booby: lol
The Masked Booby: I gotta learn from Nil
A car show: hehe i play better than you no cheating
Mark_Twain: you are clueless

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Re: Reports / Cheats

Post by U.S. Marshall » Fri Jan 25, 2013 6:20 am

Sounds like money in the bank to me.

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Re: Reports / Cheats

Post by Mompsu » Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:40 pm

Kroebi.. You wont change the world by spamming..
Why the oldtime Players leave Hardwood.. Think about it, will ya !!!!

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Re: Reports / Cheats

Post by Sailing_Away » Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:27 am

Goldtoken is a family friendly game site I use to play at all the time, and it's run by a lady named Badger (obviously her nic, not her real name). Though she was sometimes very heavy-handed, she did a lot of things right running that site. All the discussion board moderators were trained by her personally so they were all consistent in the way rules were interpreted and enforced, for example. The discussion board is as close as they come to the lobby here as it was not a live real-time environment (though if the people you played with were online at the same time, your turn could come up quickly, but it didn't require you be online).

One thing she did was record IP addresses of players to identify multi-nics. Badger was quite effective in identifying multi-nics and banning paid players for life for the breach! Other rule violations also had their consistent penalties applied including temporary and permanent bans.

Knowing the v2 client well, I know you here at SCE have similar capabilities as I am not allowed to play a rated game with my wife (though in version 1 I can). Though you would have to discern between cheaters and family members sitting at the same table, why can't you use this capability to rid yourselves of the cheating problem? Maybe you can't get rid of all cheating, but doesn't it seem like there are enough cheaters who are infamous in that regard that if you just dealt with those who have been repeatedly called out on here and reported matched up with the proof you have in your possession to do something about it and put an end to ceaseless discussions on this board?

Why SCE would instruct their guides to halt the only avenue people have for dealing with the problem is beyond me. I can understand from the training i had on Goldtoken why you would stop lobby talk if there were preferable avenues that effectively dealt with the problem. Since reporting games and emailing support is pointless in solving the problem, there is really only two things any player can do.... warn others in the lobby about the cheaters and vent here. If SCE doesn't want that, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!

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Re: Reports / Cheats

Post by U.S. Marshall » Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:44 pm

Oh C'mon now D avid only has a rating of 2099 and always plays with the other constantly reported nics he has to be a swell dude nobody would cheat on here. Cough

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Re: Reports / Cheats

Post by Old Mama1999 » Fri Mar 22, 2013 10:46 am

Is that allowed to announce players in here?

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