Disliked By a "Someone"

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Disliked By a "Someone"

Post by jabez » Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:36 pm

I jump into a game to have fun then I get kicked, I play partners and next thing you know I am not welcome back into the game,,,
Who is this Player and could I be forwarned who the poor sport is and not give them the advantage of knowing me and kicking me.without know who they are.
I place dislike on a nic and if I play a different nic I get ambushed by this mysterious Player..... I try and try to find fun on HW and
people who remember or know my nics Kick Kick Kick,,, I don't mind them not wanting to play against me but i take offence to being kick and not knowing
why..... so I find my time playing HW is less and less and less, because I do not like to be kicked.
Fix that and make HW a fun place to play,,,, if it just me then BYE.... if others feel the same then the dislike, block, kick, not invite, is now pushing
out players. I miss the old days of HW when I had so much fun now I am jumping into games wondering is that wied player knows the nic I am and will kick.
let her/him say who they are so I can avoid them, but if they get the advantage of knowing it is me and then kicks, and the only reason they started the kicking
was because I won and now they kick, and I dislike that, just say who you are and I will leave because I want to only play good players who are nice!

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Re: Disliked By a "Someone"

Post by U.S. Marshall » Fri Jan 06, 2012 11:19 am

People kick for lots of reasons, some of which could be because they do not want to play against you again, maybe you beat them badly or maybe they thought that you dumped on them when you should not have dumped. People may kick you because they suspect that you are a player that they don't like or they may kick you because they feel that your rating is to low compared to their own rating ( If they did not set a minimum rating for their game ) If you are getting kicked all the time then there are several people that are kicking you and something else must be going on.

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Re: Disliked By a "Someone"

Post by Lace » Wed Feb 01, 2012 4:38 pm

Jabez, this might not be a permanent solution for you, but a quick fix is to just host your own games? A host can only kick you out before the game has started (unless you are stalling or away and it goes to a vote). If you are the host, that would end your kicking problem?
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Re: Disliked By a "Someone"

Post by Orange County Ca » Sat May 05, 2012 9:03 pm

The nature of the Internet is its anonymity and lack of communication between users. You already know this as a experienced user. To engage you in a discussion of why you are being kicked is contrary to the way the 'net evolved. Many social experts are deeply concerned about how this anonymity will effect people growing up in a non-face to face world.

Your problem is a good example where someone may have been simply waiting for their favored partner or opponent to show up yet has no quick and easy way to tell you.

I've tried politely asking people to leave only to get arguments and pleas. Meanwhile other acceptable players are leaving as they didn't sign up for this. It's easier (kinder?) to just kick and get on with life as you should do.

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