Reverse Tournament - 9 Mar 2013

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Reverse Tournament - 9 Mar 2013

Post by jondalar » Sat Mar 09, 2013 7:53 pm

We had a very fun time and a good turnout for tonight's Reverse Tournament. Thanks to all that showed up and played, I hope you enjoyed the games.

Tonight totally belonged to Esrever Ni Eed (you know and love her as Dee), though. Dee was spot on her game all night and played very well. The first game was hard-fought with MoD on her heels the entire way; however, around midway, she pulled away and never looked back. The same held true in the Finals. Once Dee got the lead, she never relinquished it and cruised to victory. Very good job, tonight, Dee! Congratulations on winning the tourney!

rramoR (really? AGAIN?) came in 2nd and put up a good fight, but Dee proved too tough to beat. Honorable mentions go out to the Mighty Ogre, Dust in the Wind for coming in 3rd, and the great and AWESOME Sandra for placing 4th. Geez, Sandra did it all tonight: assisted with the tourney setting the tables, scoring 100pts to make the wildcard position in her first game, and placing in the money in the Finals! Great job tonight CHOOKIE! Thanks to ALL the Finalists tonight--it was a very good game, and fun to watch.

I hope all the players tonight had an awesome and fun time! If not, come back again and give us another chance.

See you next Saturday--same TD Doh time--same TD Doh channel!!!

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Re: Reverse Tournament - 9 Mar 2013

Post by onystaeeda » Sat Mar 09, 2013 8:08 pm

Thanks Boss, let me tell you that final game was something else had I not given Ro JOD he was right there every hand and Dust I know I gave him JOD twice......the cards was with me tonight.
Thank you Sandy for all your help and yes it was a fun tourney everyone was polite... it was a nice group of players

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Re: Reverse Tournament - 9 Mar 2013

Post by sandbar » Sat Mar 09, 2013 8:46 pm

I had so much fun today, I had a great first round, then bombed out in the second, but all kudos and congratulations to Dee, for a winning game........... :mrgreen:
Thanks so much to Doh (aka Rod, cheeky b.....)
for running a fantastic tourney. :mrgreen: I always enjoy playing against the best of the best, win or lose. 8)

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