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Reverse Tournament - 16 Mar 2013

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 6:52 pm
by jondalar
We had a fun time at tonight's Reverse Tourney. The turnout was good and I want to thank everyone that showed up and played. I hope you enjoyed the games.

Tonight's tournament was won by newcomer to Reverse (I think) Diviciacus! He received a BYE into the Finals and ran away with the victory. Diviciacus dethroned the reigning champ Esrever Ni Eed (the lovely Dee) but, here's how good Dee is at this game...she came in 2nd tonight!!! Congratulations on your victory, Diviciacus, well played and well done! Good job on getting 2nd, Dee. You made a great and valiant effort to two-peat, but Diviciacus was on his game tonight!

Honorable mentions go out to rramoR, aka Ro Deluxe, aka Reverse-Finalist-For-Life-Because-He-Is-So-Awesome-At-This-Game-That-He-Is-ALWAYS-In-The-Finals-Ron and also to our very own amazing and wonderful Sandbar. Great job on making the Finals two weeks in a row, Sandra!

The Nice Old Chook (my favorite way of lovingly saying Sandra) also gets a special THANK YOU for assisting with the tournament setup. Big smooches, Sandra, I appreciate your help!

Thanks to ALL the finalists tonight! It was a very good game, and fun to watch.

I hope all the players tonight had an awesome and fun time! If not, come back again and give us another chance.

See you next Saturday--same TD Doh time--same TD Doh channel!!!

Re: Reverse Tournament - 16 Mar 2013

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:05 pm
by sandbar
Hugs, Rod, and thank you for a great tourney, I always enjoy it, one of these days, I'll kick butt in the last round :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Re: Reverse Tournament - 16 Mar 2013

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 7:21 pm
by jondalar
Heck YEAH you will! When you made the finals tonight, I thought this one was IT! Next week ;) Hugs

Re: Reverse Tournament - 16 Mar 2013

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:01 pm
by Giants15

Re: Reverse Tournament - 16 Mar 2013

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:28 pm
by Sailing_Away
Hi Giants15,

The reverse tourney is one where you just show up a few minutes in advance of the tourney (in the guide-hosted tourney room) and ask the tourney director to play. They don't have a formal signup / registration procedure for that one. I believe the beginning of this thread announces when this weekly tourney is scheduled (Saturdays I believe - and pls check the time on the leading post).

There are other tournaments available for hearts players. When you sign in but before you enter a room (e.g., smoots), the bottom of the page lists scheduled tourneys and where/when they are played. Some (like the tournament of players, nightly except Saturdays at 9pm ET) also requires no registration, so you may show up in the Tournament of Players room about 8:45pm and ask to be "in please" and you can play any night you'd like (I am familiar with that one because I am one of the TD's there). There are other tourneys that exist as well... some are affiliated with Case's Ladder and require external registration and something called "Ladderbux". If so, they provide a link to the registration site.

The other games here also have tourneys (e.g. there is a guide-hosted backgammon tourney Saturdays at 9pm ET, and Euchre has a number of active tourneys just to name some).

I hope you find one you like ... tourney play is fun.