Reverse Tournament - 28 Sep 2013

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Reverse Tournament - 28 Sep 2013

Post by jondalar » Sat Sep 28, 2013 7:10 pm

We had a fun evening tonight for the Reverse Tournament. And a nice turnout, as well. Thanks to everyone that took time out of their busy day to come play this fun game. I hope you enjoyed yourself. And thanks for BaBa WaWa for setting her alarm clock EXTRA early and actually playing tonight :)

Tonight's winner was our very own Becky2555! This is an amazing feat because Becky wasn't even playing in the tournament...she was just subbing for another player and won the whole darned thing! Congrats Becky :)

Honorable mentions go out to YmilsYldaoT for coming in 2nd place. There were no bugs to slay tonight, but Becky was a tough cookie to crumble. Placing 3rd was MaryOB, and mooning himself into 4th was our very own MasterOfDarkness, MoD! Thanks for a great finals, it was fun to watch!

A special thanks goes to Becky for standing in for Sandbar to assist running the tournament. I appreciate the help and support. Thank you! Very heartfelt thoughts go out to Sandra--I hope you are well, and I hope to see you next week.

Congrats once again on your win, Becky! It was a fun evening and I hope the players enjoyed the games and camaraderie. If it didn't turn out like you wanted, come on back next week and give it another try.

See you next Saturday--same TD Doh time--same TD Doh channel!!!

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Re: Reverse Tournament - 28 Sep 2013

Post by Becky2555 » Sat Sep 28, 2013 7:30 pm

It was a pleasure to fill in for Sandbar, and an even greater pleasure to fill in for RRevay2013 in the finals.
RRevay2013... You played a great game first round!!! Sorry you couldn't be there but, I had your back! :heart: :lol: :heart:

Thank you Rod, for a great tourney!

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