How to save your binds so you never have to re-do them

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How to save your binds so you never have to re-do them

Post by 1TOP MUSH » Mon Jan 12, 2004 11:37 pm

This SOUNDS more complicated than it is, but, trust me, if you use binds a lot and hate re-typing them every time you upgrade, it's worth it to learn how to save them permanently.

Okay, first LOG OFF HARDWOOD, then open up your Hardwood folder in your computer – go to My Computer, C Drive, Program Files – then find Hardwood Hearts (or Spades or Euchre). Open the folder up and look for ChatAlias.dna.

Click on ChatAlias.dna to open it – if it won’t open, click on the box that comes up – Check the box in the 2nd option that lets you manually select a program to open it, and select Notepad

What you'll see here are all the binds that Hardwood has pre-done for you.

HIGHLIGHT AND COPY this entire page.


I found it easiest to type all my binds into a text editor (Word, WordPerfect, Notepad), because you have to edit out parts of the way you normally type a bind, in order for it to fit the ChatAlias format.

Once you have opened up your text editor, PASTE the ChatAlias file you just copied. Now go to the end of the list to add your own binds.

* Type each of your binds (or if you are copying them from another saved document, copy and paste them) (You need to DELETE the /bind from each of your binds)

* Add a semi-colon at the end of each one ;
(if you forget semi-colon, the bind won’t work) (Manny says the new version is more forgiving if you forget the ; but I do it anyhow)

After I had added all my own binds (including my text color binds), I did a ‘sort’ and put all mine in alpha order, but that’s optional.

Now you have to select SAVE AS (not SAVE) and SAVE AS ChatAlias.dna – it will ask if you want to replace, and say YES.

DO A 2ND SAVE AS and save it as a text document somewhere you can easily find it. (Keeping a backup file makes it easier to add new binds -- you can add them to your backup file, then do a 'save as' again, and it will replace the old ChatAlias.dna file with your new one.)

NOW when you log back on, the binds will all be there

TEST A FEW to see

To put the same file in Euchre, go back to your program files, find euchre, open up the ChatAlias.dna file, delete what is there, and paste your new file into it. Then SAVE AS ChatAlias.dna, and it’s done. Same thing for hearts and/or spades.

I printed out the whole file and made a list of the commands (I sorted my list into alpha order just to make it easier to find things). There are so many binds, I forget what’s here without a visual reminder.

I hope this helps.


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