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HW Reverse Tourney - Aug 19, 2017...

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 8:01 pm
by Professor Robert
HW Reverse Tourney - Aug 19, 2017

It was another great night and a lot of fun for playing in reverse hearts. Three tables and one bye tonight, so we had a first tround and then a final.

Players in attendance were: mickeyblueeyes, micha_49, lovebill, bb bb, KwitYerWhinin, Just Dee, Ro Deluxe, jojokim, h553, L A R R Y B O Y, minifee3, Robin_1213 and The Wild Things.

First round action results:
* Server: Game 2 Results: jojokim (103) won while lovebill (38) took 2nd. Ro Deluxe (13) took 3rd. Just Dee (6) took 4th.
--- WOW, Jo went to town on her opposition, lol.

* Server: Game 3 Results: minifee3 (109) won while Robin_1213 (96) took 2nd. L A R R Y B O Y (71) took 3rd. h553 (60) took 4th.
-- At the last moment, Mini surged ahead of Robin to get the win.

* Server: Game 1 Results: bb bb (100) won while KwitYerWhinin (82) took 2nd. mickeyblueeyes (71) took 3rd. micha_49 (35) took 4th.
--- BB took the win with a clever take of the QOS and a heart to win in the last hand of the game..

We had three tables and 1 bye (The Wild Things) for the final round. The results were:
* Server: Game 4 Results: jojokim (101) won while minifee3 (56) took 2nd. BB BB (23) took 3rd. The Wild Things (23) took 4th.

:heart: Congratulations to our winning player this evening ---- jojokim :heart:


We had eight teams (16 players) in our partners tourney tonight. Players who attended were: Just Dee & Ro Deluxe / Janie_Runaway & h553 / TheC00kieMonster & jojokim / Becky2555 & yksnoscut / lovebill & mschamp / Minifee3 & MR MURT / L A R R Y B O Y & mickeyblueeyes & micha_49 & CD88.

Round 1 results:
* Server: Game 4 Results: Becky2555 (105), yksnoscut (105) won while MR MURT (23), minifee3 (23) lost.
* Server: Game 2 Results: h553 (119), Janie_Runaway (119) won while lovebill (41), mnchamp (41) lost.
* Server: Game 50 Results: CD88 (23), micha_49 (23) won while jojokim (105), TheC00kieMonster (105) lost.
* Server: Game 1 Results: Just Dee (115), Ro Deluxe (115) won while mickeyblueeyes (93), L A R R Y B O Y (93) lost.

In the semis, the results were:
* Server: Game 5 Results: Just Dee (106), Ro Deluxe (106) won while Janie_Runaway (22), h553 (22) lost.
* Server: Game 6 Results: Becky2555 (100), yksnoscut (100) won while TheC00kieMonster (92), jojokim (92) lost.

In the finals, the results were:
* Server: Game 7 Results: Becky2555 (103), yksnoscut (103) won while Just Dee (25), Ro Deluxe (25) lost.

:heart: Congratulations to our winning team this evening ---- Becky / yksnoscut :heart:


I would like to wish all of our esteemed players a big thank you for playing tonight. We had a great evening and I believe that fun was had by all. Look forward to next week when we all compete all over again... :)