bannie7jours pour avoir répondu mon mari va bien en francai

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trop tard

Post by joss42 » Mon May 22, 2006 7:35 pm

Trop tard, ce soir j'ai fais les actions nécéssaires pour que plus JAMAIS une telle chose arrive s'il y a quelque chose que je ne suis pas capable d'endurer c'est l'injustice et là ça fait trop longtemps que ça traîne je suis allée chercher de l'aide.

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Post by omni_555 » Mon May 22, 2006 10:02 pm

I just spoke with a friend of mine who is fluent in several languages. Here is the way the language situation played out in several games he was in.

Game 1: My friend was partnering with an English-speaking-only player. One of the opps typed something in Spanish, to which my friend replied "Mi amigo no habla español. ¿No podemos tener ningún hablar a menos que inglés por favor?" ["My friend does not speak Spanish. May we have no talking unless English please?"]

It was agreed that since one of the opps spoke ONLY Spanish and my friend's pard spoke ONLY English that there be NO CHATTING during that game.

Game 2: Opps were French-speaking and friend's pard was bilingual. Friend and pard started chatting in English, when one of the opps said "Pas loyalement ! Nous ne parlons aucun anglais!" ["Not fair! We speak no English!"] My friend and his partner then agreed to speak ONLY French during that game.

As you can see, there ARE solutions to the language problem. If all players in the game cannot understand a common language, then agree that there will be NO chatting for the duration of THAT GAME!!! This is not infringing on ANYONE'S rights, but is being cognizant of the rights of EVERYONE!

PS Please forgive any inaccuracies in the French or Spanish text I have included in this post. I used the English test in a translator to obtain it since what I had available to me was the English text of the conversations discussed. 8)
Playing games should be FUN - seek out your own level! Don't frustrate others unnecessarily. 8)

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Post by Dust In The Wind » Tue May 23, 2006 12:02 am

Thank You Omni,

It is nice to be able to talk during a game but is not necessary to play the game.

PLease note that by all means be nice when asking others not to speak another language that you do not know. No reason to think they are cheating just because they are. Same should also go for someone that does not speak English to show respect for them also.


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