Las Vegas World Series Euchre 2008

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Las Vegas World Series Euchre 2008

Post by callme7 » Tue Oct 21, 2008 4:31 am

I would like to thank all players that took part in the Las Vegas World Series Euchre GP. under my sponsorship. Although directly you didn't officially represent Hardwood, indirectly you did because players were picked only from this site. Josh and Breanne my congratulations go out to you on an amazing win, on no fewer than 4 occasions in my opinion you were down and out, lessor players would have crumbled. To Steve and Clinton for a heartbreaking semi final loss which saw them 2-0 up, 8-1 up in the 3rd game and to be beaten 3-2 was crushing to say the least. Thank you Andy, DeWayne, Matty, Bonnie, Terri, Suzzanne, Paul, Mike, Cindy, Lora, Tony, and Vonnie. Grace & Matty were our surprize guests, well i think they were sussed but that's fine. It's always nice to meet the players in person. Terri, thanks for getting on the plane by yourself when your daughter Heather was unable to attend because of personal matters, i know that wasn't easy for you. i just hope us lot made it all worthwhile. Paul and Suz, thax for the breath of English fresh air that breezed through the Casino and bar when you helped me in my crazy pursuit in trying to lighten the Vegas Vaults, we did pretty good though :P . Tony, Bre and Josh, you can creep up behind me any time you like and change my luck the way you did, that was too funny. Andy, feel free to buy 33% of my action any time you like, you have amazing timing. Bonnie, DeWayne, Clint, Vonnie and Steve, it is always so good to see you guys. Lora and Matty, the pleasure was all mine. Sorry i gotta go, a Roulette wheel has called. :) :)

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Re: Las Vegas World Series Euchre 2008

Post by Chaotic1 » Tue Oct 21, 2008 8:21 am

Well...I for one would like to thank Garry for giving us this amazing opportunity. Not only having the chance to play in the GP, but meeting all these amazing people face to face is something I will never forget. Sadly I missed out on seeing Garry take down the roulette wheel, but never doubted he was going to do it :wink:. I did although learn a few things in Vegas....1 wear comfortable shoes, 2 DONT drink with Clint 3 dont go shoppin in the hot sun with Matty and Bre after drinking with Clint. All kidding aside, it was truly an amazing weekend. Congratulations to Bre and Josh on their win, I know we were all so happy to see a hardwood team take it home. Thanks to everyone for making this a weekend I know I will never forget. :D


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Re: Las Vegas World Series Euchre 2008

Post by Lead um P » Tue Oct 21, 2008 10:08 am

What a wonderful vacation this was for me. Meeting everyone was like meeting family. You ARE family, and I love you all.
Garry, thank you, thank you, thank you for this opportunity !!! I am glad I got on that plane ( I even found out I really like them). Thank you for helping me place my one bet in Vegas, because of your help I left $50 richer.
Thanks to Bre for being my roommate after Heather was unable to make it. She is absolutely lovely.
What a great young man Tony is. To go out with us "old" people and enjoy it. :) I have a feeling had he been a year older he and Clint would have ditched me and Bonnie when we visited downtown, Sunday night. (wink)
What lovely people Paul and Suzanne are. I wish the UK was not so far off.
Mike, DeWayne, and Matty Zee... I cannot remember a time that I have laughed so much. :lol:
Bonnie, what can I say? Thank you for the talks, the breakfast and late night (or is that mid morning) toast and tea sessions in Kady's. I am certain you and I will get together again. :)
Lora.. just say NO !!! Blaming poor Clint for your tequila shots, shame on you LOL :mrgreen: Ps ~ Can I blame him too? I hope your feet feel better soon. Maybe we can get some "bot" practice in while they are healing.
Vonnie, Steve, and Clint... I knew I would like you :) I am glad we had the opportunity to go sightseeing together. There simply was not enough time !!!
Congratulations to Josh and Bre for winning the GP. I look forward to playing some euchre with you Josh. :) You started playing euchre in HW thinking I was a good player, and now I need lessons from you. :wink:
I hope you are feeling better Grace.
Andrew... was he there? LOL 8)
Mike and Cindy. Thank you for helping me with my fear and keeping me company. I love that you are in my town. I look forward to getting to know you better, and I have a feeling we will. :) :D
I am so happy that I was given this opportunity. What a great group, and I love you all !!!
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Re: Las Vegas World Series Euchre 2008

Post by Ratwhowillbeking » Tue Oct 21, 2008 5:10 pm

I'd have to agree with all of that's been said... that was a really fun trip. It was great meeting you all and I'll look forward to chatting & playing with you on HW.

Special thanks to G of course for making it all happen--that was very generous and appreciated.

And thank you to all of those who extended their congratulations again :D


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Re: Las Vegas World Series Euchre 2008

Post by Joe Andrews » Tue Oct 21, 2008 7:50 pm

Another Grand Prix has passed....

I want to thank all of the players who attended the Las Vegas tenth annual
Grand Prix event. We had 11 tables (44 players), and the competition was
fierce! Yours truly hosted the Euchre section.

Special Kudos to Garry Young of New Zealand, for his wonderful sponsorship
of 16 players.

And many thanks to Cases' Ladder / Demand Media for the generous Prize
Fund, Trophies, and meals at the event!

See you '09! :)
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Re: Las Vegas World Series Euchre 2008

Post by The Zee » Tue Oct 21, 2008 8:26 pm

:D Firstly many many many thanks to Garry. Mate, without ya this wouldnt have been possible. Theres no way we can express the graitude we feel for your generosity. I hope ya get ur wish and go Oceans 16 on them casinos. Break em buddy!!!

It sure was a extreme ride, even with having your cards :lol: Thanks to everyone there for making me feel welcome I had a fantastic time and wouldnt have missed it for the world. Well worth spending 26 hours in planes and terminals. You guys are a riot. One day, Ima get ya all to NZ or Aussie for a 7ups tourney and a repeat performance of the wild days n nites.

If possible, can all the people who took photos send them to me as I wanna build a giant Vegas 08 album. If ya dont have my IM/email its

Apologiez for da spelling mistakez, Ive been up for 36 hours now. Take care ya bunch of monkeys. O crap I thought that was Cindy.

Kia Kite,
Matty Zee

PS Garry, phones for ya mate!!

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Re: Las Vegas World Series Euchre 2008

Post by Bitter Sea Lily » Wed Oct 22, 2008 11:43 pm

oh my goodness where to start lol, Garry a big hug and many thanks for the opportunity to meet all these lovely people, and yes u get a hug from Paul too lol. Lora how could you blame poor Clint, i thought we handled those kisses well, i would say your outta practice :lol: , Steve, Vonnie and Clint i wished i had said hi on Friday morning then we coulda started the party early, Clint take no notice of Lora i remember it being her idea :wink: . Grace was nice to put a face to the name after all these years. Bonnie and Dwayne was good meeting you two and Dwayne have u found the sevens or benny yet on HW :lol: . Terri, well done on getting on your first flight to meet us all. Tony, was glad to hear you finally got home safely, Josh and Bre can i say was nice to beat the best lol, and to think Lora just wanted to hand you the win, joking aside a big high five to you both on your well deserved win. Cindy you need to keep an eye on Mike lol corrupting the younger ones, im sure the other guests didnt know if they were watching a miracle or an episode from the three stooges :lol: , and Mike no wheelies in the lobby. Andy, wheres Andy lol, ok i know the poker tables had a bigger pull well i hope you took Vagas for a few bob before you got home. Matty, where do i begin lmao, boy was fun meeting you.

They say what happens in Vagas stays in Vagas, but we have our memories of a wonderful time with you guys and was well worth the hours of numb butt on a plane to get there, and if asked see you there tomorrow, Paul and i would be there in a heart beat. It really was great to meet you all, ive seen some of the new nics already in HW, and i didnt need a hint on making mine its done, but i still dont know why we couldnt get 'smart' cards, in the land that has silicon valley why havent they made smart cards that light up for you :lol: .

love you all
Suzanne and Paul :D

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