msn messenger worm came crawling in today

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msn messenger worm came crawling in today

Post by sandbar » Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:27 am

Hi, everyone, just letting you know about the worm causing chaos today, Sandy
What are MSN messenger Worms?

Any kind of worms/virus spreading through the use of Microsoft's IM client Windows Live Messenger/Msn Messenger, is MSN messenger worms/Virus. Normally what happens is if the system is infected with MSN messenger worms/virus, the only threat is that user's information is at risk. Previously, I've seen vicious worms which could transmit the data from the infected computer to worm writers. Besides, the threat level is low unless you don't share important informations across the MSN contacts.

How come latest Antivirus softwares are not detecting them?
Antivirus is not always the solution for variant nature of worms/virus which use IM networks(protocol). I'm writing variant nature, because, everytime, the worm writer puts the new name to it's worm. So, the worm gets new name more often and it goes undetected even by latest Antivirus softwares. After all, IM networks are made to share information and files.

How to recognize them?
-If all of a sudden, your friends(in IM) start asking you about the stuffs you never sent them. (Normally, they'll ask you 'have you sent me some links or photos' if they are smart enough, else they would click/open blindly)
-If you are feeling computer is getting slow(because, they do consume memory and they stay in memory, so they are memory resident)
NOTE: You may never know what's going on under your nose unless someone notifies you.

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