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Re: Game Setting Options

Post by Sailing_Away » Tue May 12, 2009 1:38 pm

Relatively speaking, then, I am glad you have the talent you got.


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Re: Game Setting Options

Post by chrisdoggg674 » Tue May 12, 2009 2:32 pm

EUCHREtimesTWO wrote:I'm glad to see some positive feedback. And yes dust, the idea was to award points after the set. Upon reading my post over again I noticed I didn't mention that the points would be awarded after the set was completed, with penalties to the person/person's leaving early. I understand you disagreeing with me about the pentalties American Beauty, but the beauty of these options are that they are simply "options". Anyone who may not want to risk points playing a set does not have to.

I guess I need a cool saying down here like everyone else, so I think I'll use this one.

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Re: Game Setting Options

Post by UpsNDowns » Wed May 13, 2009 3:05 pm

American Beauty wrote:At first glance I wholeheartedly agreed with this idea, but on second glance I confess I must disagree.

Anecdotal evidence it's true, but haven't we all been in game, intending to stay the customary three when onto the stage enters Cousin May with her pet cow Daisy, knock knock.

It happens all the time, unexpectedly. So even with the best of my intentions I will sometimes have to leave. Should I be penalized for this?

Of course not.
I sometimes like to play a quick game over lunch break or morning coffee. I usually try to ask before joining a game if players mind that I might only be able to play one or two. I have a couple of nics that I use for this purpose and I only join provi or low rated tables due to the relative ease of a getting a game. So far everyone has been polite about it. If they don't mind I join if they object no offense taken and I simply look for another game.

When I have the time I most definately prefer to play a series of games and I would very much like the option. Hgher rated tables are not always readily available. It can be frustrating to set a table and wait only to have someone join for one game then jump. The wait begins again and the same thing happens. I don't mind if player leaves because another player is being mean or nasty - yep that happens. But many jump from a friendly game after one game only to sit in the lobby or join another game. To each his own and choices are good so I applaud the suggestion.

Oops - this option would mean that If I have to leave a game unexpectly I face a penalty of losing points. Well, if I don't pay my mortgage on time I pay a late fee. If I clock in late at work I get docked. If I left a game I would lose euchre points. Umm all three would fall under the category of "Chit Happens" and we accept it because we know upfront.

I think I will suggest to my bank and my boss that we should implement this option at their place too. Judging from the quick response on the 7's up game my money is on my boss or my bank to implement it first. I do so apologize for being negative but the 7's up option has been a topic for quite a while and so far no committment from hardwood.

Anyway I think the suggestion is a very good one and I hope that hardwood takes both the 7's up and series option under consideration.

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