Formal Ladder/Challenge System

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Formal Ladder/Challenge System

Post by Bucky » Fri Dec 04, 2009 2:23 am

Let me start by saying this, if you are not interested in ratings, your current rank, making it to the top or the challenge on the way to higher ratings, then this post is not for you. This post is directed at admin, in regards to the players in Hardwood euchre that are interested in those things.

Is it possible to have a formal ladder system, similar to that provided by Case's Ladder within the league rooms?

For those unfamiliar with the league rooms, members are able to formally challenge another member (within a certain ranking window), the challenge is either accepted and a game played out, or declined and the challenger awarded a jump in rank. There are limits as to how many challenges can be issued within a certain timeframe, and a set time frame for the challenge game to be played. This can be done in a rated game with human pards, or an unrated with bot pards. I'd be open to suggestions either way, I just think it's an interesting concept to turn up the heat on the competition at the higher end of the scale.

I have no problems admitting that i am very competitive. I not only want the top spot on the Top 25 list (been there done that) i want the highest rating in HW (never been there yet). It's hard and rare to get a good series of games going at rates over 2000 due to people not being on at similar times. A ladder system may be able to change that a little, given that it could be based on a a single challenge, and a single game.

As i write this, i am sitting in the lobby with 39 other players. The highest set table is 1500. My lowest nic is 1703. It is the lowest of 48 rated nics i have. I can see at two other players that i know have nics over 1900, and yet we can't get a game because there is no fourth. With a ladder system, i'm quite certain there would be some challenges between us, and laughs along the way. Look at it as an option to keep some of us amused, because i am truly beyond going through the provi process yet again.

Look forward to any input from anyone else.
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Re: Formal Ladder/Challenge System

Post by Sailing_Away » Fri Dec 04, 2009 8:25 am

I like ladders because it gives something other than rating for a measure of skill. Players with higher ratings would have to then play against low rating players with good enough skill to climb the ladder, though.

I am not sure how a ladder works though for games where you have 4 players, not just 2. I don't like playing bot games for ladder position (thinking hearts here).

Has anyone ever seen a working ladder system for 4-player games where bots weren't used? How does that work?

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Re: Formal Ladder/Challenge System

Post by kmfl300 » Fri Dec 04, 2009 9:22 pm

I totally agree about the ladder system sounds like a good idea,only issue i see is challenging people how will who know if they are being challenged unless its going to be done just like tourneys too. We could do like you said rated games with pards would be good then maybe instead of single challenge games (which is a good also to knock out number 1 spot etc,etc) do pards challenge too like you and your p challenge me and mine play our series or however its going to be done then they move up spots on in order of ranking after the series or whatever. But overall would be great if you get it going just hope it would get enough people interested esp at the rate we see high games maybe one 22 happens a month now if that.

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Re: Formal Ladder/Challenge System

Post by Dust In The Wind » Fri Dec 04, 2009 9:46 pm

One reason they have leagues with ladders so you can join them and play. To make it open to the general public I don't see it working and how would you get 4 people to commit to a game at the same time in different time zones or even in the same time zone for that matter with personal schedules. Think about it whether your talking pard games or cuthroat to meet a challenge by player X to player Y with partners A and B within a given time frame would result in some real issues that would not be fair since player X has nothing to lose if any one of the 4 cannot make the time to play. Would it also in a pards game have to be team X challenges team A? A one-on-one challenge is hard enough to commit to and would bet 4 players would be much harder to arrange.

If your looking for a ladder challenge your best bet is to join a league and get more players to join in and get that sort of challenge within the leagues venues.


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