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cost of fooms

Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2011 7:16 pm
by ponycreek
Hi, this my first post... I would like to broach the subject of cost... But first i would like to say.. I like the new game. and would like to be able to continue using it.. I have no problem moving forward and using the new game I dont mind paying a yearly fee and i dont mind paying for the xtras like cards backgrounds and those type of thing... he is my problem....
the cost of Fooms.. correct me if i am wrong, each standard foom cost $0.0625 and supers cost $0.1887 per foom.. or there abouts
I play about 10 games a day.... if i use aprox 15 fooms per game (conservative) it will cost me about $10.00 per day to use them.. (this is a conservative look, as many players would use a lot more than that).. i have greatly reduced my use of them since purchasing the new game... other players see me as a grump, not getting into the spirit of the game.. they dont yet realise the cost...
i love the new format. i dont mind paying for it but $10.00 a day is more than i can afford..
my problem the is do i play the new game and do not use fooms / or do i go back to the old game.....
unfortunately finances will force be back to the old game.. what a shame as i like the new game