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Posted: Tue Oct 28, 2003 3:06 pm
by TrickS
For those who don't know what MSN Plus! is - it's an add on to MSN Messenger. Plus! adds on all kinds of extras like
  • The ability to rename your contacts
    Multi-color and formatted text
    Sound Emotions
    Quick Texts (you can save phrases,etc and retrieve them with a shortcut)
    And more...

As you can tell, I'm a fan as I love to mess with this sort of thing. Yesterday Lil Imp brought up an article regarding who has recently become a sponsor of Plus! During the install of Plus! you have the option of also installing the sponsor or not. For those who did check the box to install the sponsor and for those interested in installing Plus! please read the following instructions and information.
Lil Imp - from an article on spywareinfo wrote:Many of you may have heard of a program called Patchou's "Messenger Plus". I used it myself once, before I discovered Trillian. Similar to the many front end programs for Internet Explorer (Avant browser, MyIE2, etc), Messenger Plus adds a user interface to Microsoft's MSN Messenger that contains extra features.

Patchou has brought in C2Media as a sponsor and is now bundling their software into Messenger Plus. For those of you who have never heard of it, software is classified as a trojan by antivirus vendors and as a browser hijacker by antispyware vendors. You can find plenty of information about it by doing a Google search for Just be warned - some of the language used by lop victims will melt your monitor.

No single parasite has caused as many support threads at our message boards as (although Xupiter comes close). Ad-aware, Spybot, and all other spyware removal programs target several older variants of It now comes in a version that is nearly impossible to detect automatically. It uses randomly named files, randomly generated CLSID identifiers, and uses activex installation methods that let them update all of their installers at once.
Plus is freeware and Patchou (the creator) did make an agreement with the makers of to have them sponser Plus. But, we all have the option during the installation of Plus whether or not to accept the sponsor. Unfortunately, most of us say yes to the option thinking it does help Plus or we don't even notice it at all.

How you know you have
If you have loaded on your computer your internet bowser (IE) will have an aditional toolbar. Mine was blue and would always show suggested links on it, etc. I didn't know where it came from to be honest until now - it just started showing up one day. Also, it will sometimes take you to their homepage and load icons onto your desktop and in your favorite's folder. (you can just delete all those- they're just links)

How you uninstall
1. Uninstall Plus (goto Control Panel and click on add/remove programs to do this) Reboot your computer and then check your browser for the toolbar.
  • In the event that the toolbar is still there (as happened in my case as well and isn't that unusual in some Plus versions I guess) here is a link and quick DL (very small) which will remove the toolbar. Just DL this file and run it. It will then reboot your system.

2. Reinstall Plus and
DO NOT check the box to accept and install the sponsor. Here's a picture of the install box showing the option - just leave that box UNchecked and it will NOT install anything from the sponsor:


I know this may seem like alot of trouble but it didn't take long as Plus isn't a huge program and the toolbar uninstall was also a real small file. I suggest everyone do this who has the extra toolbar. The spyware associated with it can possibly do alot of harm as Lil Imp's post described.

If anyone needs help or has any questions, I'll try to answer them. I still think Plus is a really cool add-on to Messenger and I reinstalled it after reading the message boards regarding the software.