Father Time

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Father Time

Post by LadyMo » Sat Nov 01, 2003 9:31 am

I too knew Father Time from playing in Hardwood, this was someone who always spoke. :cry: And it is those little things that touch our hearts and souls, and make us smile when we are noticed and acknowledged. :) It is very hard to lose someone that you have interacted with even if it is only online. The support that I have found and I know others have found here in Hardwood is just awesome Take this as your pat on the back Jonas and team, :D You have made a wonderful place here where the most compasionate people gather. And here is yet another example of the caring that Hardwood possesses. Aliemae started a condolence card for FatherTime's family and friends. Even if you didn't know him but want to say a few words please do so. But.....if you are going to be mean and rude do as my mother always told me when I couldn't say something nice...SHUT UP!!! :x


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