Tournament Posting Rules

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Tournament Posting Rules

Post by LadyMo » Fri Nov 21, 2003 4:39 am

I know we have a few new leagues in euchre and thought I would help out all leagues by making sure that everyone knew where the posting rules for tournaments were. Not that we are having problems, oh I know we sometimes run 2 binds at once but usually followed by a lol after :D But for those who don't know where the posting rules are they can be found in 2 spots.

1.On the tourney admin page where you go to post your tournaments to the Hardwood board.
2.When you are looking at the Hardwood board at the top is a link for rules, if you click there it shows not only the posting rules but also the server rules.

So if you are new to Hardwood and not sure about some of the rules this might be a pit stop you might want to make. The link for there is

I personally check them often cause you never know when they might change. :D

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