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Post by Clarion » Thu Jan 15, 2004 7:24 pm

We have a player in Euchre (full version) who can't get in to Euchre or any of the Euchre sites (to download or anything) cuz of his firewall. He asked me the path to Euchre so he could tell his firewall to let him in. I may sound pretty stupid here but .....when it comes to this kinda stuf...I AM!!!!!!! Can anyone give any suggies here? Pleeeeeeeease!!!!!!!

For now he has FW turned off but doesn't like the idea at all.

Would appreciate any idea you may have...or a path to share...or whatever he needs to get his firewall to let him in.

The only Hardwood site he could go to was a porn site LOL...ooooooooooops :)

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