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Looking for Players to Play With Friends

Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:00 pm
by wdfover50
A group of us have been playing euchre together online for approximately 15 years. Our numbers have been dwindling and occasionally we can't get a foursome. So we have decided to recruit some new members for our little Friday night group. On Friday nights we play in Hardwood Euchre Just For Fun room beginning at approximately 8:00pm Eastern Time. We are looking for people who can regularly show up at that time. We have gotten to know each other and we hope that you will get to know us, too, and vice versa. Sometimes people come and go during the evening and this is fine. When there are more than four people, the others watch and then we switch so that everyone may have a turn. We have been known to play for as long as five hours (usually it's 2-3), although you do not have to stay for the entire time. People come and go during that time, so if it's a Friday night and you are late, just go into the room to see if we are still playing. The tables are unrated, no time out, and usually STD, but it's up to the person setting the table as far as STD is concerned. We set no time out because we like to chat, especially about plays as the game progresses. We take our time as we are among friends and cheating is unheard of. Because the games are unrated it's a good time to try new strategies, so it's not all about winning. We are all very serious about euchre, and if you are as well, you are welcome to join us.

We also play on Sunday mornings, but it is elsewhere. If you want to join the Sunday morning group, then please come Friday night to find out where it is. BTW, we play EVERY Friday night regardless of whether it's a holiday or not. If we don't have enough players, then we just go our separate ways or play with people not in our group.

So join our table on Friday night and announce who you are and that you would like to join. We look forward to meeting you.

Let me know if you have any questions.