HardWood Euchre Champion of the Champions

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HardWood Euchre Champion of the Champions

Post by mh63 » Mon Jan 31, 2005 1:55 pm

I don't know wether this idea has been posted before or wether such a tourney is already played. If yes, please ignore this post. If not, how about a HH Euchre Champion of the Champions 2005 Tourney?

It could work like this: every Euchre league plays one big or some tourneys to determine the champion of this league. At the end of the year there could be a big tourney, where only these champions (1 per league) start, to become HH Euchre Champion of the Champions. The winner would have this title for 1 year and his league could be proud to have him on the roster. :)

I know that most tourney players play in more than one league, so do I. At the moment I play in 5 leagues. So it would be a must that a player can only start in one league in this event.

I think it would be a nice, all year long, run for the Championship. Rivalries (in the positive meaning of the word) would be built and there could be an extra website for it.

What do you think about it?

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Post by mickodie » Mon Jan 31, 2005 5:26 pm

I think it's a terrific idea !!!! Each league has a TOC each month so the winners could have a playoff at the end of the year. That would be great fun. The other idea would be for the guide hosted tourneys to run a quarterly TOC then have a yearly TOC. Very nice suggestion mh. :lol:
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Euchre Championship Tourney

Post by Joe Andrews » Wed Feb 09, 2005 9:09 am

This is another good idea, an "on-line" HW Champion.

I have another suggestion. Any Partnership (Pair) who wins one of the "qualifying" events, will receive an invitation to play in the World Series of Euchre. This year, it is in Cleveland, OH (Sept.) with a guaranteed Prize Fund of $ 3,000!

For more information about the Grand Prix Series, go to:


- And have fun playing the Hardwood TOC.

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Post by the count24 » Mon Feb 14, 2005 5:38 pm

I like this idea about a "Online Champion of Champions Tourney"

Myself, and a handful of others compete in a 1800+ tourney every saturday at 7pm EST. Many of these players dont belong to any leagues, but are, in my opinion, some of hardwoods greatest players, competing for top spot on the Top 25 list.

I would like to ask that if a "Online Champion of Champions Tourney" becomes a reality; 2 players with the best overall 1800+ tourney record be invited to play in this tourney.
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Post by LilRed2003_56 » Tue Feb 22, 2005 1:05 am

Hey count I hope you don't take this wrong BUT why don't all these players join a league using your 1800+ rating names.

As for being in this tourney I would think you would need to have some sort of proof as to who wins ur tourney(s). I.E. Like a web site that has winners listed monthly.

Just my thoughts on this is all.

I for 1 don't play for ratings just for fun.

And if these games are played they should be rated tables.

Oh I can hear those higher rated players now. LOL

If they lose 1 game they will be unhappy about it.

So all I will say in closing is:


P.S. The post said those on leagues should do this. Then the Guide Hosted Tourneys stated they Each League do a TOC. And the winners of them be included. I think if your group wants to be included it should be winners of a TOC and not the best 2 with 1800+ ratings. Maybe you can keep track of who wins ur weekly t's and have a TOC monthly,quarterly, and have a year end tourney and the WINNER of it move on to try to be the Best of the Best in HW and get an invite to the Grand Prix if he/she wins it.
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Post by the count24 » Tue Feb 22, 2005 8:46 am

What benefit would a 1800+ player get joining a league? The purpose of the tourney is for those who try to achieve top spot on top25 list. All the games in 1800 tourneys are rated with rotating p's (increases the skill playing with different people so knowbody is at a disadvantage).

So.....with the way the points system works....if these players joined a league with a nic over 1800.....they would lose 28 when they lose and gain 4 when they win, in rated games against opponents with lower rating.

BTW....i realize that there are many great players on HW that play frequently in smoots that dont care about tourneys or ratings. But...in order to give away the title of "Champion of Champions" an event should be structured to include some of these players too. The tourney would need to take place over multiple days to highlight skill of play....a SE tourney would just be like raffeling off the title.
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Post by V_Raven » Tue Feb 22, 2005 11:55 am

There are several reasons they do not play their 1800 nics in regular tourney rooms.
1. Some believe lower ranked players get better cards (I do not believe this)
2. When an 1800+ losses to an 1800+ player they lose a lot less points than if they lose 2 a 1400 player.
3. It is a select few that can maintain an 1800 rating.
4. When you play at that level and only play people at the same level you will know all the players you are playing against.

arguments for the other way would be as follows.
1. If they did play unrated tourneys they could work on improving their ratings in a room without harming their ratings on hardwood nics.
2. we would then have the oppty to see how the mortals fair against the 1800 club :)
3. If you don't feel comfortable playing against these players no one is forcing you to sacrifice your ratings either if its social :)

A website listing monthly winners would be an awesome thing :)
however ratings are important to some and as i do have a few 1700+ nics which i try to get over 1800 i guess i am one of them people however as most know tempermental and V_raven i play anyone any time and both are usually well over 1500.. some of the best players on the site have nics that are rated in the 1500s because of the fact that they play in tourneys on a regular basis with whomever instead of their regular partners thus obtaining lower ratings based on their partners skill levels.

Thursday night Guide hosted official hardwood Tourneys are a good way 2 test your skills as they are unrated and the winner is posted weekly :)

I plan to discuss a league tourney with a few HA's in hardwood envolving rated games 1800 only this option may or may not fly but its worth a go.

This is the site I personally recomend to players who wish to hone their skills if they deciede to.

I do understand both sides of this issue and support both sides .... any questions feel free to message me
Vraven2000 is my yahoo

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