Adult Room In Hardwood

Stan The Man
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Post by Stan The Man » Tue Aug 23, 2005 10:48 am

ummmm.wots ur definition of porn? i was jus at blockbuster yesterday, eyeing a movie called spring break miami starring the playboy playmates

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Post by Jonas » Tue Aug 23, 2005 1:09 pm

I didn't say they are packed with tastful movies, my point is that folks feel comfortable there.

Walmart takes it to another level, for instance they don't sell CD's with explicit lyrics. They take a hit for that in CD sales ( I don't buy CDs there for that reason) but it adds to the comfort level for the average person.

I don't want to have a "seedy section" on the site. at the same time, we battle behind the scenes to attempt to allow as much freedom as we can and still maintain a Safe and comfortable place for as many folks as we can.

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Post by grandmaS » Tue Aug 23, 2005 5:50 pm

I agree its about where you are, there are tons of sites on the net that allow you to say and do whatever you want. What makes SCE different besides their wonderful graphics, fooms etc. Is that you can come here and play and not have to be subjected to the smut and ludeness of other game sites.

If I am out with the girls (no kids no hubbys) you could over hear me saying lots of things I silence for here. However if I am around the kids and hubby I choose not too, (outside of the occassional stubbed my toe and the air turns a bit blue temp.) Same goes for my hubby, I know he cusses just like the sailors he works with, however not in front of me or the kids, or any female or anyone elses kids.

What kills me is to stub your toe and swear, it just kind of pops out in the heat of the moment.......but to type it you have to to think about it, you have more of an oppertunity not to do it. So oops I didn't mean to doesn't fly so good. (outside of some typo's)

Smut doesn't belong in returaunts, grocery stores or blockbuster and walmart apparently so why should we allow it here. There are many consenting adults here who came here to this site to get away from that.

If your looking for sex, a new cyber honey or whatever theres lots of sites on the net for that very thing (I know cause my junk filter fills up with them all the time). Go seek that out and come here to SCE when you want nice chat and a FUN game.

Lets face it if you went into Safeway (its a grocery store in case some don't know) and said to some women "hey baby show me your tits" in the produce section, you would be tossed out on your ear (and probably be thank ful to have escaped with your life cause all the women would be beating the heck out of you with thier purses, umbrellas and zukinnis. Get real this is one card site on the net where any one can come and play and not have to put up with that kind of thing.

/me looks around for HM and says sorry boss, I am thank ful I don't have to put up with all that stuff all the time. And if there ever were an adults room where they could say anything they wanted you wouldn't find me there. They would have to put up with the stalled games, and quitters and table talkers and more cause the guides like me wouldn't want to have to guide in a room like that, even if some of us do cuss outside of here..........................I am an average person :)

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Post by the count24 » Tue Aug 23, 2005 6:45 pm

From the sounds of where this is going; an adult room is not what we need.............We need a "movie review room" where we can talk about whats new at blockbuster.
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