Guide Sponsored Euchre Tournaments

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Guide Sponsored Euchre Tournaments

Post by HW Angel » Wed Dec 14, 2005 9:12 pm

I would like to thank all of you for supporting our Euchre tournaments. I really enjoy working with all of you. You are a terrific group of people and make our Hardwood Euchre the very special place that it is. Our turnout has been excellent and that makes our Thursdays evenings so much fun, thank you to everybody.

January 19th
AwesumWoman & brn2play tournament winners
Kiwimate & American Beauty 2nd place

January 19th
American Beauty & DJ_Shawna tournament winners
ValentineVelvet & JustBob 2nd place

January 12th
singledoutdude And DJ_Shawna tournament winners
Debbo & HardRockCafe2nd place

January 5th
martyscows & HW Angel tournament winners
MIXTURE & hotrockin 2nd place

December 29th
DMAC4W & HW Angel tournament winners
My Lab Malcolm & pitfight4 2nd place

December 22nd
Hominy & hotrockin tournament winners
JanVette98 & HW Angel 2nd place

December 15th
Jessie176 & Shocky_HTD tournament winners
Mixture and Dikins2nd place

December 8th
SizzlingTease & KNIGHT_TD tournament winners
SHOCKY_HTD & softball_mom 2nd place

December 1st
COUNTRYGIRL67 & V_raven tournament winners
NanaGram & Mickodie 2nd place

November 25th
StEpPiN Up & gotJack tournament winners
AGGRESlVE & Tamatha 2nd place

November 17th
Jessie176 & puffingmagicaldragon tournament winners
sugarlipped & Purely Innocent 2nd place

November 9th
poppy425 & smeety tournament winners
martyscows & KingCoyote 2nd place

November 3rd
misspaddywack & sonnyboy7 tournament winners
ROT ROH & vonnie o 2nd place

October 27th
timberwolf69 & LUV IS A DRUG tournament winners
Lady Mary Jane & Thee Robin Hood 2nd place

October 20th
Lady_Di & MIXTURE tournament winners
bates & extreme mad max 2nd place

October 13th
C C Ryder & Mia Beatcha tournament winners
Sweet Suzy_Q & JSTUMBO 2nd place

October 6th
BrissyGuy77 & KeWl_WiCkEd_WiTcH tournament winners
LittleBabe & Malcolms Horseshoe 2nd place

September 22
kind hippie & Beer Anyone tournament winner
TRIP 001 & ybn second place
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