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Message for Carpy ...

Post by GypsyRoseL » Sat May 10, 2003 1:21 pm

... my humble apology for my mistake in the game we just played. There are certain plays I still do not know and that was one of them. I am improving daily and if you would have taken the time to explain maybe I could improve even faster, I'm still unsure of what I did wrong but more importantly why? I only know you left abruptly without a word at the end of the game and I am forced to put my words here for all to see.

I would have liked (if you had the time of course) if you could have explained to me when I should order a card ... guess it's all moot. Once again I am sorry. I had hoped we could play again sometime but now probably not....
Gypsy (Nnaul) :(

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