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Some opinions

Post by Ramah » Tue Nov 02, 2004 3:26 am

Hmmm, looks like I am a little late to offer my opinions on your development of this (I only just found it) but what the hell, I'll tell them to you anyway.

First off, I'll just say that I love the game, it's the first non-standard Minesweeper game that I've truly enjoyed.

Ok. First thing is the online play. I have to say I was a little disappointed at exactly what that constitutes. I was hoping for a two player version of it - maybe like Minesweeper Flags, maybe a split-screen game or maybe one where you just race against another person to complete the same board. Maybe a co-operative mode? I liked the idea that someone else came up with where you could be a ghost spectator on someone else's game.
I don't know what your plans are for the online side, but I hope you are going to go further than a room to play single player games in.

(Just had a thought when re-reading this before submitting... How about a two player version of Gauntlet where the players take alternative levels. First one player does one, then the next. If a player makes a mistake on a level though, the other person takes over that round and gets to steal all the points. If he also makes a mistake then the play switches back again, etc. After the round the second person carries on with the next round as if the first player hadn't made a mistake. Hmmm, just a thought).

One niggly little thing that kept getting me when playing in the online lobby was at the end of the game it says "click to continue". Well the ammount of times I simply clicked and returned to the lobby when I simply wanted to play again! :? I know you can click the face at the top, but I personally think a simple window popping up with the two options: play again and return to lobby would be less frustrating for us wooly-brained people. (Or even a change in the message so that it says something like: "Click Ruckus to play again. Click anywhere else to return to lobby.")

Erm... I like the fact that in the Gauntlet games you can make a mistake and it doesn't end the game. Why not extend this to the other games too? Either as an option or as a new game-type? (Sorry if this is already an option, I couldn't find it but that means nothing).

I would also like to see extra skill options on the Gauntlet game. Perhaps an "extremely hard" and "mental" option? At the moment it takes a long time to play it through if you are quite good at it - on easy I had over 900 seconds in the bank at one stage. :?
Or maybe a "custom" option so you can choose yourself which level to start at? Or maybe an option where you can edit the amount of time it adds on at the end?

In another one of the threads someone mentioned the static screen that comes up at the end of a level on Gauntlet. I agree with them. I like the fact that it tells me how much time I will have in the next round, but I would also like to know how many bombs are gonne be there too.

Erm... can't think of anything else for now. I'm sorry if this seems like I am being overly picky. I really do like the game. :)

Still, I'm not yet willing to part with $25 dollars for it. At the moment it is a distraction, but when the trial runs out I will return to M$'s version. Now... if there was a proper multiplayer option (or I had an assurance that a multiplayer option was in development) then I would hand over the money no question. :)

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Post by Jonas » Tue Nov 02, 2004 2:08 pm

Nope not overly picky at all.

Thanks for all the great imput and as you think of more things, we would greatly appricate your feedback.

We do plan to extend the only play to be truly multiplayer and not just a online meeting place to play single player games.

Again, feel free to add more critques :)


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Post by tumblesinheaven » Mon Nov 22, 2004 2:21 pm

Well, after talking to you I last night, I check out the game today. I have to say, it was very refreshing. I liked it a lot. Keep in touch.

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