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Urban Dictionary

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 11:49 am
Hello to All,

The following was created with the intention to solve "nic" problems that I experienced on 7-9-2007. Name of guide will be excluded as to not continue any further conflicts.

We have all experienced people choosing usernames that have been offensive and against TOS, I have been one of those with poor taste in user names in the past. Hopefully the other people have come to their senses and rectified their "bad nics" as I have done. Couple years ago I created a nic with the term "foo" included which came to be one of my highest rated nics. The term was used with the same intention as the famous MR. T line.....I pity the fool, and we all know that phrase.

After a few years of "owning" this certain user name, a guide decided to censor it because he found the term foo in an "urban" dictionary. Supposevily this dictionary came up with the term also meaning a drug. I also found out this "urban" dictionary came up with this long after I had already created the user name.

After reading through this "urban" dictionary I found many terms used in lobby on a daily basis, usernames included, that according to this dictionary were far more offensive than the term "foo".

If i decided to make a user name "Daffy Duck", I would think nobody would find it offensive AT ALL. Well, poor Daffy Duck has been included in this "urban" dictionary to also mean someone that is "under the influence". This is just one example of thousands.

My question is this......where do we as adults draw the line? In another year will Mickey Mouse be included? If my user name remains censored, I respect the rules of silvercreek and by all means do not want to offend anyone. On the flipside to that coin, there is at least 100 other usernames that would have to be censored according to this "urban" dictionary.

Folks, the message I'm sending to you is this.......If a guide has to refer to this or any similar underground dictionary to determine if a user name is offensive, then it won't be long before we are all just a number.

Thank You and Have a Blessed Day,


Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 12:19 pm
by grandmaS
the word foo when combined with other words or partial words is not JUST in the Urban dictionary.

I suggest if you have a complaint about a nick you file a report or send it to so they can SEE what the ENTIRE nick was and the chat going along with it if any looked like, including the profile of the person wearing said nick.

Many factors go into the taking of a nick, some words or partial words are fine used in other ways and yet become over the top when used in conjuntion with other things.

Thank you

R U serious?

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 12:34 pm
Uhhhh, I believe I know the difference between complaining and making a comment. Apparently you didnt understand my point but I thank you for your input. :D

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 12:51 pm
by grandmaS
Many factors go into the taking of a nick, some words or partial words are fine used in other ways and yet become over the top when used in conjuntion with other things.

Thank you
That statement by me was to address the issue of the Urban dictionary, as I said we use many factors before taking a nick.
So discuss away, just adding to the facts of the matter :)

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 6:28 pm
Wow, I realize this is only going to go as far as just being discussed here. I realize the men/women behind the scenes make decisions, and view things accordingly regardless of what is said in this thread. But i have to comment on this particular example of censoring "foo".

I dont know how many of you can remember back a few pages of threads where on the forum i posted about the nic SpadesFu. Which was a parody on the word KungFu. I cannot count (because there were so many) just how many guides/fellow posters suggested (on the forum and even the day it was censored) that the nic should have been SpadesFoo. And that would have been acceptable, allthough NOT how one would spell the word. It is kungfu not kungfoo. But i understand how one could look at it and confuse what the nic was supposed to mean with what it might have looked like. (spadesfu is not my argument, nor reason to post in other words.)

And now look at the discussion of the day. The word Foo isnt allowed either. I had no idea it was part of some urban language.. I dont speak urban, nor do i care too. I do understand what GrandmaS said, in that it depends on what the word is paired with in the nic. But what my point is.. it was a suggested spelling just 2 years ago, and now a warrant for a censor, it's crazy. What a difference a few years make.

In conclusion, not everyone is out to defile the English Language.


Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 7:04 pm
by Dust In The Wind
Foo Man Chu or was it Fu Man Chu??? Lots of things can be interpeted this way and that. I would have to also go with GS and ask you to file with SCE for it's return and let them decide. You can also talk to the Guide involved and try to come to a common ground as we have on many occassion Mr. O (LOL).


PS - Ogre stomps on Slamm's Wheaties to soften them up for him... LOL


Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 7:37 pm
Hiya Hexa & Dust!

Haven't seen either one ofya in a long time. Thank you both for your input. After reading your comment Hexa, I'm wonderin if this matter will ever be resolved. I've taken the time to write both support and the guide which made the decision in the hopes that they realize how absurd this urban dictionary is.

Anybody can grab a word and give it an alternate meaning then simply submit it with no problem into this dictionary. The possibilities are endless. But like you mentioned Hexa, its all in the hands of the kind people at support. I have faith they will make the right decision.

Cheers Yall!

PS- you still wearin your suction footies Dust? LOL

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 7:44 pm
Dust, lol i didnt want to turn this into a discussion of fu vs. foo, its a dead horse. But i was just interested to see this new censoring and wanted to mention foo was encouraged use once, and now censored. How odd.

but to answer your question.. would it matter how it was spelled, hon? It's meaning is pretty clear (and innocent) Isnt that a mustache? I even recall it being the name of a bull Tim Mcgraw rode in a song. Im curious..Would either spelling warrant a censor in tht particular nic, foo/fu man chu?

This reminds me of a nic I see a lot.. I wont mention the whole nic but part of it is HATTERS lol now.. before ya go thinking hmm derby or cap.. I think it's supposed to be HATERS.. anyway.. what i am getting at is... bad spellers shouldnt be punished! lol

Slamm, Hiya! Long time no see.. I loved the Ateam! Rock on!


ps.. i dont disagree with you all, I imagine an email to support would have this whole issue summed up in no time :) Ipitythefoo(l) was an awesome line!! I loved the A Team!

pss.. we're showing our age

psss.. Suction footies Dust?? heehee!

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 9:27 pm
by Dust In The Wind
Yes it was another one of my famous inventions and was given the name and nic of "Suction Footies" ... ya see it was a little robot that would climb your walls and clean the cob webs and dust from all parts of the room and of course across the ceiling and had suction footies to do so. It could also clean that nasty ceiling fan if you promised to turn off the fan first.

Then came along "Deluxe Suction Footies" which also did windows inside and out (NOTE: removal of screens for outdoor use was required).

Yes they are both alive and well Slamm, just in the closet right now collecting DUST.....

Yes someone could misunderstand the nic itself, but I did provide a description and pricing in the profile of said device.

By the way I do have a real invention (actually #12) that is in the process of patent and in phase #1 production. Don't know yet if the company plans on compensation yet (other than my name on it) but I have a dollar amount I think is fair LOL.....


Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 10:01 am
Let us know when final phase is complete and GL!! Any hints on what it is? Beer dispensor? uhhh uhhh I know! Its the 990 Millenium Space Modulator!! :lol: And I wanna buy stocks if it is dude!


Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 10:21 am
by Moordock
At no time did the words Urban Dictionary ever enter this conversation.

The nic was Foo Foo For You, not Foo.


Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 10:50 am
by CalculatedRisk
The words "Urban Dictionary" were said in the lobby by a player. "before you make a nic consult Urban Dictionary" was the comment and I promptly informed them it was NOT urban dicitonary that was consulted, as I did know that much.

This was why I made the request to let it be between the guide and the player, because many times others are NOT privy to things that have occurred between a guide and a player. That is all I would ask of any of the players, let the player involved consult with the guide, or admin by using the proper channels which in this case would be to write support and explain your position to Jason.

I've given back nics before and I daresay will again, if that is what administration deems appropriate.

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 10:56 am
When I googled for "FOO FOO" as you requested Dock, the urban dictionary was the only site with a negative definiton. All other sites claimed FOO FOO as children nursery rhymes and electronic technical term meaning FOO was a variable.

As I mentioned to you privately, I was never rude to you and all I wanted was to resolve this matter in a civil way. I tried my best to leave your name out of here hoping we would come to some kind of understanding. I also took the advice of grandmaS, Dust, and Jonas to write support. Please remember that YOU were the one to announce who the guide was in this situation, not I.

You sent me an email today telling me to google "drug slang Foo Foo". Well, my user name was not "drug slang Foo Foo" so I have to assume either you know the term from personal experience or you used some type of slang dictionary.

Either way, that user name has been around almost 2 years and has never had any reports filed against it nor has anyone been offended in any way by it except YOU.

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 11:17 am
by CalculatedRisk
I know alot of slang "from personal experience" WITH MY HIGH SCHOOL kids, and my work with at risk teens, and that certainly does not mean I have personal experience with drugs, nor do I believe for one second that moor has "personal" experience in that way...

Let's be REAL clear on that.

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:19 pm
HeyCher? I didnt make THAT accusation. You said you have personal experience from your Hi School kids correct? Its still a PERSONAL experience is it not? Please do not make me out to be the bad guy here and by all means I do not want to make this a battle of the wits. I'm simply making a point about how ridiculous ANY slang dictionary can be!!

The very name of this site can be misinterpreted by the average person without having to look it up in any slang dictionary you or any other guide may be using correct?

Yes Slammy, your right.